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Updated 9:58 PM, September 25, 2021

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday stressed the importance of international technology cooperation and promised to promote it with an “open mind”.

President Xi made the remarks when speaking to the Zhongguancun Forum 2021 via video link. The forum – with the theme of “Intelligence, Health and Carbon Neutrality” – is a five-day discussion of some of the world’s most advanced technological achievements.


Innovation is the number one driving force for development, Xi said, calling for efforts to be redoubled to protect intellectual property.

A robot making coffee at the main venue of the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing, China. / Xinhua

Technology to reverse the economic backlash from COVID-19

The global economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic is facing major challenges, which is why it is extremely important for the world to strengthen cooperation on technological opening up and cooperation, Xi said.

Countries should work together to find ways to solve key global problems through technology and innovation, he added.

The Chinese president also called for the transformation of technological products to promote the “new motivation” for economic development.

He explicitly referred to the idea of ​​”technology for good” and called for an improvement in the system of global management in this area.

Zhongguancun, China’s “Silicon Valley”

The companies in Zhongguancun – a technology center in northwest Beijing – known as China’s “Silicon Valley” – reported a year-on-year growth in total sales of 34 percent in the first five months of 2021, according to official figures.

With clusters of universities and research institutes, it is China’s first national high-tech industrial development zone, and Xi has called for a new round of reforms at the high-tech hub.

The Chinese president hopes that Zhongguancun can soon develop into a world-class hub.

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