Why is this good news for a European tour? – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Rumors surrounding the European tour have generally declined since Kovid-19 did not arrive on time. In fact, the problem began before the coronavirus plague caused the world to riot.
The fact that the prize pool didn’t grow as fast as it did on the other side of the Atlantic, of course, takes into account geographical and economic factors, and many people were stagnant before Covey raised his ugly head.
Looking back, economic hardships in countries such as Spain and the United Kingdom have led to the cancellation of many years of competition or the organization of a relatively small prize pool.
In contrast, funding for the PGA Tour is increasing year by year, even during the pandemic, a sign of the financial impact of US-based companies and organizations. The sports-crazy American population is almost three times larger than Europe’s, with the largest population in Europe, highlighting the size of the Atlantic market.
Even the “small” events of the PGA Tour, where the world’s top 50 players compete and still have millions in prize money, do not belong to the same level of European travel.
Take, for example, the classic performances of the Czech Masters and John Deere – two low lights of each trip. The first this year had a prize pool of € 1 million and no players in the top 100 in the world; The latter is $ 7 million, which is too much to count.
Given the above, it is not surprising that the number of the best players in Europe on the PGA Tour is constantly growing. More money equals a better field and a higher ranking in the world.
Kate Pelli and her team did a great job of launching the Rolex series and organizing events during the plague, which is not to blame for the European tour. Simply put, European travel has not survived a storm like the PGA Tour.

However, the announcement this week that the European tour will be called the DP World Tour from 2022 has brought much-needed positive to the ward. At a time when the European economy is struggling to recover from the plague, selling a major sponsor was a wise move by Pelli and his team. In addition, the tour has been global in nature for some time, making it a more representative name.


In addition, every event approved by the DP World Tour must have a prize fund of at least $ 2 million, which is important. Giving a much-needed boost to lower-level competitions is the first step to raising their rankings.
If this trend continues in the next few years, events such as the Czech Masters will attract better venues and commercial interest and give fans a better experience.
At the end of the spectrum, the fifth Rolex series of events has been added to the Slync.io Dubai Desert Classic schedule. Four of these tournaments have a wallet of $ 8 million and a $ 10 million prize pool at the end of the season at the DP World Tour Championship. The best events of the DP World Tour are already strong and important around the world, and we hope to continue to attract the best talents from all over the world.
In 2022, for the first time, the Scottish Open will be part of the PGA Tour, while the Barbasol Championship and the Barracuda Championship will be part of a strategic alliance announced last year between the two organizations. – Probably a strong and united position against the Saudi initiative to enter the top golf courses.

This collective ban is a good thing for two reasons. This may encourage more top Americans to compete in both the Scottish Open and the wider Rolex series, especially if these events are specifically designed so as not to conflict with the neglect on the PGA Tour.
It will also allow DP World Tour players to compete in the provinces and challenge themselves against different situations and strong pitches. It’s hard to disagree with Pelli’s assertion that “this tremendous deal will strengthen our entire travel ecosystem.”
There will also be new competitions in the UAE, Belgium, Japan and South Africa, and the schedule will include at least 47 competitions in 27 different countries. In addition, the agreement will increase the chances of investing and playing in the prize pool of the Challenge Tour.
The new John Jacobs Bursary Award will support the top five players on the above-mentioned tour at the expense of next year’s DP World Tour.
After a difficult period for the European tour, it seems that new life has been breathed into the stalemate. Excited about what would happen for the first time in a while, DP World, Pelli and his team, and PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monakhan made a huge contribution. Rory McIlroy said it was “great news for world golf.”
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