When parliament resumes, most vaccinated members stay at home – Let’s See Todays News Updates

After a two-week break, the chamber resumed its session the next day, and at least one returning member of parliament was partially vaccinated.

One of the two members of parliament who have been partially vaccinated by the ACT party will return to parliament tomorrow, leader David Seymour said.

Two members of the ACT had only a single dose of Pfizer, while one-third were in good health, had not been vaccinated, and were waiting for a green light to be vaccinated by a specialist.

ACT leader David Seymour has confirmed that one of the two vaccinated members of the party plans to return to parliament tomorrow, while the other will stay in Auckland.

All members of the Labor, Green, and Te Paati Maori groups were fully vaccinated.
National Senior Whip Matt Dusey said 31 of the 33 members of the National Group were fully vaccinated, while the other two registered a second dose and were partially vaccinated.

None of the three members of parliament who have been partially vaccinated will be in the hall when the session resumes tomorrow.

The Speaker’s Office has set new rules for MPs returning to parliamentary constituencies, requiring all people living in Warning Zone 3 to undergo a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of returning to Wellington.

After that, the capital must be isolated for five days and the Covid-19 test must be canceled on the fifth day before entering the parliament building.


Kiran McAnulti, the leading whip of labor, recommends that members of the Labor Parliament living in Tamaki Makaurau or other regions be placed on Level 3 readiness.

Some ministers may have been “tapped” to return to the capital, but those efforts will be led by the prime minister’s office, he said.
Doocey said National Leader Judith Collins and Port Wycato MP Andrew Bailey will be the only members of the country’s Level 3 alarm parliament tomorrow.

Green MPs who live outside the Level 3 warning zone returned to Wellington on Tuesday to continue in the chamber.

However, Auckland MPs Marama Davidson, Chloe Swarbrick, Ricardo Menendez March and Golriz Gahraman will remain in Tamaki Macauau.

Te Paati Maori co-leader Raviri Vaititi will be at the house tomorrow and Debbie Ngareva-Packer will stay in Taranaki to support vaccinations in the region.

Last week, Seymour asked a doctor for advice on whether to vaccinate Tony Severin, a prominent single member of parliament, who was in poor health.

“His appointment with his doctor has been postponed due to congestion in Auckland. He has made it very clear to me that he will be vaccinated if he gets permission from his doctor and that he will not be vaccinated if the doctor says it is dangerous.

“I’m just saying, after talking to him about the situation he’s in, he’s really worried, and I think the people who piled on him are adding to that anxiety.

“So when I tell the media and people in general, it’s a woman’s health, and we have to respect that.”

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