When Jimin’s teacher didn’t support his ambition to become a K-pop idol, he told him it was easier to dream. – Entertainment News

BTS’s Jimin was a student at Busan High School of Art when he auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment, now known as HYBE.

Jimin’s teacher didn’t think he would make it as a K-Pop idol. (Photo: BTS Official)

BTS’s grueling and arduous journey from aspiring dormitory musicians to a worldwide sensation is something of a legend for ARMY. Very often the Bangtan boys have spoken about the discouragement they have faced along with ridicule coupled with trolls and accusations. In fact, band member Jimin’s teacher once revealed that he had once turned down his dream of becoming a K-pop idol.

Jimin was a student at Busan High School of Art when he auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment, now known as HYBE. In 2019, Jimin’s class teacher, Mr. Lee, spoke to Korea Now in a report from Koreaboo, saying that he disagreed with his ambitions because he felt it wasn’t easy to be successful.

“To be honest, I was against it at first because it’s easy to dream of this job as an idol, but definitely not easy to be successful,” he said. “When he told me he was auditioning for producer Bang Si Hyuk, I told Jimin that this was his last chance. After that audition, I told him that in order to become an idol or a modern dancer, you have to choose your path. But that day he passed the audition, ”he added. However, when Jimin was selected, his teacher realized that the singer had the ability to become a K-pop idol.

Aside from his audition, Lee also revealed that Jimin had performed at his wedding. “When he was in tenth grade, he and his classmates had a surprise party at my wedding. I still remember Jimin singing and dancing at the same time with a microphone in hand, but he didn’t even get tired. People told me they didn’t feel like they were at a wedding, they were on a musical show, ”he recalls.

It’s been eight years of BTS, which consists of seven members, RM, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, V and Jimin. The guys made Billboard history with this year’s songs “Permission To Dance” and “Butter”.


ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki is the sixth member to contract COVID-19

After 5 members of the South Korean boy band ENHYPEN, including Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay Jake and Sunghoon, tested positive for the deadly COVID-19, it is now their bandmate Ni-Ki who also contracted the virus three days later.

ENHYPEN’s agency BELIFT LAB revealed in their official statement that only Sunoo from the band is currently reacting negatively to the corona virus. To confirm the health update from Ni-Ki, Soompi quoted the agency: “Hello. This is BELIFT LAB. ENHYPEN member Ni-ki was diagnosed as positive for COVID-19 during self-quarantine.
“Ni-ki had gone into self-quarantine in separate quarters and carefully monitored his condition with daily self-tests and PCR tests. he started showing cough symptoms on Friday, September 3, and was diagnosed as positive for COVID-19 the following day. On the instructions of the health authorities, he is preparing to move to a treatment facility and shows mild symptoms, ”it said.

“We apologize to our fans for this news about an additional diagnosis of a member after our prior notification. Our company will do our best to ensure that the artists can fully recover. In addition, we will continue to cooperate with inquiries and instructions from the state health authorities. Thank you, ”it concluded.

Meanwhile, following the health update from ENHYPEN members who previously tested positive for COVID-19, the group on the labor front abandoned the plan to perform at the KCON: TACT HI 5.
The group is also preparing for their September comeback. At the moment, however, it looks difficult.

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