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Vice President Kamala Harris speaks to reporters outside the Senate chamber as the draft law on the right to vote was not approved on October 20.

When I tell people it involves Vice President Kamala Harris, they usually answer the same question: What does he do?
Since taking office in an extraordinarily prestigious position, he has in some ways disappeared from the public eye. This is normal for a vice president, but a surprise for supporters and critics who thought Harris would play an unusually large role.
For those who want to know what the vice president is doing in his spare time, The Times has created a program that tracks his public events.
Good morning, Essential Politics: Welcome to Kamala Harris Press. This week, I will explore what Harris’ public schedule can tell us about his role in the so-called “Biden-Harris administration.”
Short time with Biden
Not all of Harris’s work is on the public schedule. However, events that the White House wants to report to the public are emailed to reporters every day, regardless of whether they are open to the press or not. A similar message was emailed to President Biden. Harris’s schedule includes some of his meetings with Biden and lawmakers, roundtables with interest groups, water treatment plants, trips to foreign countries or everywhere.
Not everything is on schedule, including behind-the-scenes meetings, phone calls, and time with counselors. But the publicity is a strong signal of where the government is heading for its most powerful means of attracting information.
Thomas Sukh Lauder, Maloy Moore, and Matt Styles, three visual journalists for The Times, created an interactive tool this week that places and categorizes these schedules.
The first thing I noticed when I looked at the data was that I spent less time with Harris Biden than I did during my tenure, which was less in terms of the number of events and the number of events planned.
The time spent with the president is the most valuable currency in any White House. White House officials say Harris has not lost any influence or confidence. To ease the restrictions on COVID-19, top leaders are spreading their wings and reaching more people and places.
It is unclear whether separate events for the president and vice president will benefit Harris. The reality is that many people say they don’t know what Harris is doing because he gets so little media coverage when he’s alone. Short visits to Biden may make it difficult to identify him and influence policy.
The former Democrat’s primary rivals have a history, but Biden has nothing like the scars of a battle with his closest advisers who have served him for decades.
You can read more about the consequences in this article I co-authored with Styles.
Voting and immigration
What else can the schedule tell us? Harris spends less time talking about COVID-19 than in the first months of his administration, when officials are doing their best to get the country vaccinated and control the spread of the coronavirus.
He spends little time talking about immigration from Central America. In March, Harris was given the daunting task of tackling the “root causes” of immigration from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador: corruption, poverty, gang violence, and climate degradation, exacerbating natural disasters. The task has become a political headache as border clashes with immigrants have escalated and conservative politicians and the media have blamed Harris.
Harris visited the region in June, and the administration has done some work behind the scenes. However, Harris has not held a public event on the subject since August.


Another major role of the vice president is to expand suffrage as the state makes efforts to pass laws restricting the Republican Party. This effort is also not going well; Senate Democrats failed to get a third bill last week after failing to gain Republican support. Attorneys are urging Democrats in the 50-50 Senate to change the Philippus rule, which requires a 60-vote majority to pass multiple bills.
Harris had an active schedule of events related to this topic during the summer, but has only taken a few steps since then.
A closer look at the schedule reveals that about half of Harris’s events were fully open to the press. One-third are closed to the press. The rest of the events are hybrids and usually contain a “spray in the water” that allows the photographer and journalist to listen to parts of his speech for five or 10 minutes.
Harris’s favorite form of public relations is a roundtable discussion with activists, business leaders, or members of the public that helps demonstrate the goals of administrative policy. He arrested 27 as of Tuesday.
These are key points for most vice presidents who, like Harris, want to emphasize the administration’s agenda without overshadowing a president or president.
Harris’s advisers say he enjoys roundtables because it’s a good way to talk to people about the cross-section of a plague that is difficult or impossible to host a large event. They said he liked to lead small groups to his large ceremonial office and emphasize that no one of color or South Asian descent had sat in front of him.
For the most part, the schedule gives Harris the impression of being a regular vice president, meeting with Biden regularly and selling his platform. Some people on the left and right do not fit into the ancient notion that he would be too big.
These trends need to be addressed over the next three years. The vice president’s time is his biggest asset.
View from Washington

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According to Andrea Castillo, a majority of customs and border guards involved in secret social media groups with violent and hateful videos against immigrants and members of Congress have received significant fines, the House of Representatives said in a report on Monday.

To reduce their net social security spending bill, Democrats are discussing cutting new funds to address issues such as homelessness, public housing, home ownership, and racial discrimination in tenant assistance. Jennifer Haberkorn and Benjamin Oreskes wrote that this was the beginning of a tug-of-war between the West Coast and the East Coast.

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View from California

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California voters confirmed the results of the election, which rejected Newsom’s resignation, and state officials on Friday ended a historic and bitter withdrawal effort, John Myers and Phil Willon said.

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