Western politicians are criticizing the resignation of district council members and fishing for fame, according to the Beijing office in Hong Kong.

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said that no political office would be allowed to swear an oath or betray the country.
The West has previously denounced the seats as politically motivated, with the United States labeling them as “retreating” and “targeted.”

Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in Hong Kong

A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry in Hong Kong has hit out at Western countries that have criticized the government for disqualifying opposition constituency council members, accusing foreign politicians of “fishing for fame with fake democracy books.”
A spokesman said on Friday that the administration’s legal action was not to invalidate the swearing-in of elected officials at the public level. Beijing’s national security law, passed last year, requires a commitment to loyalty, but critics say the swearing-in is being used to oust protesters from the city’s political activities.
“It is a common international practice to swear allegiance, to define the skills of those who hold public office, and to ensure national identity and political loyalty,” he said. “No country will ever allow such owners to violate their oaths and betray their country.”

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss

The head of the Department of the Interior announced on Thursday that 16 members of the district council would be fired for taking an invalid oath, bringing the total to 55.


In response, the United States, Britain and the European Union have accused the Hong Kong government of depriving Hong Kong people of their democratic rights.
US State Department spokeswoman Ned Price said: “The oath of allegiance of the members of these constituency councils is invalid and has been revoked at the discretion of the Hong Kong authorities.” .
British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said she was “deeply saddened” by the resignation of 55 members of the district council for political reasons and the resignation of more than 250 members.
“The Hong Kong government must respect freedom of speech and allow the public to have a genuine choice of political representatives,” he said.
Following the enactment of the National Security Law in Beijing in June 2020, the requirement for high-ranking officials, legislators, and judges to declare their loyalty to the city was expanded to ensure that all public officials, including government officials and district council members, were sufficiently “patriotic.”
A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said Western politicians who had been criticized for being barred from participating in the competition were acting covertly.
“These politicians have violated national security laws … fought against China, destabilized power in Hong Kong, and interfered in Hong Kong’s affairs and China’s internal affairs,” he said.
“Their concern is not Hong Kong’s social security, stability and prosperity, but whether it can use Hong Kong as a tool to limit China’s growth.” “
A spokesman said the security law has helped Hong Kong citizens exercise their rights and freedoms in a peaceful and stable society: “Hong Kong’s blue sky will never be seen through colored glass.”
A Hong Kong government spokesman has accused Western politicians of meddling.

Two years ago, an opposition group won 392 of the 452 directly elected council seats, giving them control of all but one of the city’s 18 districts.
Earlier this year, however, some 260 opposition council members resigned after rumors surfaced that they would have to pay back their salaries if they resigned, and some were jailed or released from Hong Kong altogether.
The remaining 208 district council members in the political sphere were urged to remain loyal to the four swearing-in conferences held from September 10 to October 8.
Authorities confirmed the promises of 147, which included at least 49 opposition members, 55 of whom were excluded, including six who did not show up.

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