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More than 125 people involved in the deadly crush at the Astroworld music festival have sued rapper Travis Scott and other organizers for $ 750 million (£ 556 million).

The family of Axel Acosta, 21, one of the 10 victims, is among those who are bringing charges in the United States.

It claims Scott and guest star Drake continued to perform despite reports of “lifeless bodies being dragged through the crowd under sight of the stage”.

Scott said he wasn’t aware of the tragedy until he got off the stage.

Last week the rapper said he was “disturbed” by the November 5th events in Houston, Texas, and promised to “help” any affected family.

Fellow rapper Drake said his “heart is broken for the families and friends of those who have lost their lives and for everyone else who is suffering”.

Papers submitted in the USA also name the festival organizers Live Nation; tech giant Apple, who streamed the concert; Scott’s record labels Epic and Cactus Jack; the operators of Houston’s venue, NRG Park; and companies providing security and medical services.

The case claims that Acosta “was knocked down by the incited, recalcitrant, and out of control crowd” and was dying while the music lasted for nearly 40 minutes.

“Of course, neither Travis Scott nor his supervisors, entourage, managers, agents, fellow travelers, promoters, organizers or sponsors took enough care of Axel to make the least effort to protect him and the others at the concert”, it was said.

After the concert, Scott said on Instagram that he “just never imagined the seriousness of the situation” during his performance.

Live Nation said in a statement, “We continue to support and assist the local authorities in their ongoing investigation so that both fans who participated and their families get the answers they want and deserve, and we are all going legal Matters come in due time. “

Other defendants did not respond directly to inquiries from US media.

Dozens of cases have already been filed by survivors and families of the deceased.

Attorney Tony Buzbee said he intends to file another case with 100 more plaintiffs soon.

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