Japan is indeed a country that is very famous for its inherent culture, delicious cuisine, and tourism that always attracts tourists to visit Japan. Well, if you are a lover of alcohol, then you are no stranger to Sake, which is alcohol fermented using rice. This sake is very famous in the world, because sake itself has been around since 700 AD in Japan. So don’t be surprised if Sake is always hunted by tourists when visiting Japan. Usually, foreign tourists are confused about which brand of sake to choose in Japan, this time we will tell you the best sake in Japan that you can try

  1. Kubota

If you want a light alcohol, and have a strong fruity taste. Kubota Sake is very famous in Japan and there is one of the flavors that tourists like the most, namely the menthol flavor. Kubota Sake is also famous for its clear sake, and the black bottle gives the impression of premium sake.

  1. Kokuryu

Women in Japan really like to enjoy sake, now one of the sake brands that women like in Japan is Sake Kokuryu. Because this sake has a fruity taste, and is slightly sour than normal sake, this is what makes Kokuryu Sake always a choice, because when you drink it it feels even more vibrant!
This Kokuryu sake can also be your choice while in Japan. because the taste of Kokuryu sake is perfect, if you drink it at night.

  1. Dassai

This Dassai Sake brand is indeed made with 50% rice content, this is because to make this Dassai Sake has a clear liquid, and is delicious when drunk. This Dassai sake brand is indeed very popular in the world, especially for those of you who love Anime, Dassai Sake usually appears in several Anime. Sake Dassai itself has a fairly strong alcohol, and several variants of fruit flavors you can choose when buying Sake Dassa. One of the most popular flavor variants is wine, because the taste of this wine has a fairly strong soda, so it creates the perfect sake taste!

  1. Hakkai – San

Hakkai-San or better known as ‘Tanrei – Karakuchi’ Sake is indeed very popular in Japan. Because this Hakkai-San Sake has the perfect taste for those of you who like drinks with a low alcohol content, even though it has a low alcohol content, the taste of Hakka-San Sake is very delicious. To find Hakkai-San is indeed a bit difficult because not many are sold in the market. However, this Hakkai-San sake is really recommended for you to rush when you are in Japan, because the taste is really addictive.

  1. Ichinokura

You can usually find Ichinokura sake in cafes when you want to hang out, usually you can choose Ichinokura sake as an option. Because the taste of Ichinokura Sake is very fruity, and when you are in your throat you can feel the cool sensation of Ichinokura Sake.

  1. Kokken Sake Brewery

This sake, which is in sixth place, has won the award for 11 years in a row. The processing of the Kokken Sake Brewery is indeed special and uses a special quality rice called ‘Sakamai’, this is because Sakamai is easier to ferment than ordinary Japanese rice. Kokken Sake Brewery emphasizes the quality of sake that makes customers addicted to enjoy it. Kokken Sake Brewery, which is made for 1 month, has a light taste, and clear sake water. Very suitable for those of you who like alcohol with a light taste.

  1. Juyondai

The Juyondai brand of sake is one of the best sake that has the quality that tourists always look for when in Japan. This Juyondai Sake has a light taste, and is sweet because there is a vanilla flavor in the Juyondai sake mix. Indeed, Joondai sake is hard to find, but if you are interested in buying Juyondai Sake, you can come to the Izakaya area, where you can enjoy Juyondai brand quality sake.

  1. Isojiman

If you like sake that has a strong taste, then Isojiman Brand Sake can be your choice. because Isojiman sake has a strong taste, once you take a sip, it’s sweet at first, but after a while the taste of this sake will dry up in your throat. This Isojiman sake is prepared with selected rice from 3 different rice fields. Isojiman sake brand is usually liked by men, because of its strong taste, and according to most men in Japan say that Isojiman sake is very delicious. If you visit Japan, you can buy Isojiman Sake to enjoy at night, with the cool air in Japan the best!

  1. Midorikawa

Sake which is ranked ninth is indeed very popular in Japan. The name of this sake brand has the Japanese meaning of ‘Green River’ (Midorikawa). Midorikawa brand sake is easy to find in some cafes, restaurants, and even street food. Because this Midorikawa Sake has a light taste and is suitable to be enjoyed after eating. Oh, you know, Japanese people usually drink sake after enjoying a heavy meal, so don’t be surprised if you find sake in a Japanese restaurant, you find sake neatly arranged.

Now if you like sake that is light, and the taste is not too strong, then Midorikawa Sake can be your choice.

  1. Koshinokanbai

The last sake we discuss is the ‘Koshinokanbai’ brand Sake. This sake won a gold medal at the American Nihonshu Competition in 2016 for its impeccable sake quality. Now this Koshinokanbai Sake has a mixture of several quality alcohols, thus creating a delicious, and strong sake taste. This Koshinokanbai sake is suitable for those of you who love alcohol, and usually drink. Because the alcohol content of Koshinokanbai Sake is quite large. So when visiting Japan, don’t miss out on tasting Koshinokanbai Sake!

How are you interested in trying Japanese sake? Those are the 10 best Sake in Japan that can be your choice while on vacation to Japan. In your opinion, which 10 of the best Sake in Japan are listed above, which are the most recommended and have you tried while in Japan? you can answer in the comments column yes …. Good luck trying Japanese Sake, which is really yummy.

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