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Tom Brady will earn more from his historic broadcast contract with Fox Sports than his entire football career.

Fox Sports’ deal to make Tom Brady chief NFL games analyst after his retirement is 10 years and $540 million (AUD), The New York Post has learned.

It’s the biggest contract in sports casting history. That’s because it’s more than twice that of both CBS’s Tony Romo and ESPN’s Troy Aikman in median annual salaries of $26 million per season.

Fox Sports declined comment when asked about what Brady will receive for the game.

After losing Joe Buck and Aikman to ESPN, Fox wants to splash out. Buck ($22m) and Aikman ($26m) will make a combined $48 million. Brady will make $54 million a year to team up with. Kevin Berghard

The seven-time Super Bowl champion has made $480 million during 22 seasons in the NFL.

In addition to being Fox Sports’ #1 games analyst, he will also be the company’s ambassador to assist with sponsorship and promotional activities.

In the meantime, Fox still needs to find its No. 1 game analyst for this year and possibly a few more seasons. Fox, who has two of the next three Super Bowls including February, has Greg Olsen as the top candidate. However, it’s unclear how Olsen will feel about being a placeholder until Bet. Rady will take over

The network thought NBC’s Drew Brees was a possibility, but with Brady’s signing, that might no longer be an option.

In bringing in Brady, Fox certainly made the NFL happy. The NFL recently struck a $160 billion deal with Fox, ESPN, CBS, NBC and Amazon, which will extend into 2030. There was the NFL, which accounted for 75 of the top 100 on television last year. It’s what drives the publisher’s price up.

Before signing the new contract, ESPN tried to lure Romo from CBS to mobilize negotiations. This resulted in Romo signing a 10-year contract worth $260 million.

From there, ESPN brought in Peyton and Eli Manning, with Peyton believed to be making more annually than Romo (although the exact figure is unknown due to a production deal with Peyton’s Omaha Productions). The Mannings made just 10. Games per year in alternative broadcasts

Outside of this season, the market shakeup continues with the arrival of Amazon. First, it signed legendary Al Michaels as a player one by one before pursuing Aikman as his man of color.

After Aikman goes to ESPN, Amazon will offer Super Bowl Rams champion coach Sean McVay $29 million a year to call the game. But he’s on the sidelines, and Michaels will instead partner with ESPN college analyst Kirk Herbstreit.

This gives Fox Sports a filling chair. They’ve always prided themselves on having some of the biggest names, including Hall of Famers like Aikman, Michael Strahan and Terry Bradshaw.

In this case, they will be because no one really tells when Brady, who will turn 45 in the fall, will eventually stop playing. When he does, he’ll be Fox Sports’ top games analyst at $54 million a year.

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