The White House has accused Abbott of trying to ban the Biden vaccine in Texas. – Let’s See Todays News Updates

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed a daily press conference at the White House

White House Governor Greg Abbott has accused Texas companies of trying to ban the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate, accusing it of harming public health on Tuesday for GOP primary voters.
“It’s important to remember that we are in the midst of a plague,” said White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki. “Why are you taking precautionary measures to save lives?”

On Monday, Abbott openly protested to President Joe Biden by banning Texas businesses from vaccinating workers or customers.

His executive order imposes a $ 1,000 fine for any violations. The Biden administration considers the governor’s order invalid and may be ignored by employers.

“We know that federal law overrides state law,” Psaki said.
Texas-based companies have said they are not obligated to comply with the governor’s ordinance. On Tuesday, the Dallas State Chamber moved away from Abbott’s position, reaffirming that “every employer, regardless of whether the role of a reasonable non-vaccine is included, supports the best option for their company.”

Texas school children need to be vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis and smallpox.

Abbott’s spokeswoman Rena Eze said the governor had “spoken to countless Texan people who were worried they would lose their jobs due to federal overheating.”

“The Biden administration has left Texans with no choice but to be fired or to support their families because they have not been vaccinated against COVID because of their religion, health or personal conscience,” he said. “They left employers with an unfair choice of violating union rules or losing valuable employees. The governor’s executive order will help protect Texans from making such choices.”

In fact, Biden ordered OSHA to provide an option that would allow unvaccinated workers to test negative at least once a week.

Many major employers in Texas and across the country have endorsed Biden’s vaccine mandate. Many employees are reluctant to return to their offices without assuring co-workers and clients that they are not infected.
Abbott’s attempt to stop companies from wanting to vaccinate their workforce changed his position in August when he said Texas would allow businesses to make such choices even if they weren’t given such an assignment.

Psaki replied, “Politics,” because the governor wanted to assess why employers with 100 or more employees were trying to fulfill union orders.

“When you make a choice that contradicts all public health information and data, it is clear that it is not in the best interests of the people you lead,” Abbott said, ignoring the COVID-19 mandate. It makes no sense to take into account the tasks assigned to school children.

Abbott wants to be re-elected. His two primary conservative rivals, former state senators Don Huffins and Allen West, a one-time Florida congressman who briefly led the Texas Republican Party, both accused Abbott of imposing a mask mandate and losing personal freedom at the beginning of the plague.

Since then, the governor has banned city, state, and school districts from giving such assignments.

Psaki also targeted Senator Ted Cruz, who accused Dallas-based Southwest Airlines of canceling flights.

“Joe Biden’s illegal vaccine requires work!” The Republican Party of Texas tweeted on Sunday night. “Suddenly we’re short of pilots and air traffic controllers.”

“I know Senator Ted Cruz, a world-renowned business travel and health expert, emphasized this,” Psaki said when asked if his mandate had already reduced the workforce.

The Southwest said on Tuesday that the interruption was due to “weather conditions” on Friday and would continue over the weekend.

The airline has said it plans to fulfill Abdent Biden’s order.

“We are reviewing all vaccine guidelines and are aware of Governor Abbott’s recent order. Under the President’s Executive Order, federal action replaces any state mandate or law, and we, as federal contractors, must comply with the President’s order. We will continue to follow up and keep our staff informed of any changes to our current policies, ”the company said in a statement.

Despite claims by Cruz and other conservatives, the federal mandate has not been enforced and will remain in force until the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA develops and finalizes a procedure for its implementation.

Psaki said the idea that a vaccine mandate reduces the number of workers available rather than ensuring their health is not shared by business leaders or health professionals who believe the mandate is needed to boost the population’s immunity. and plague relief.

“It’s a way to save lives [and] build more confidence. It’s good for the economy,” he said.

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