The United States has imposed major human rights sanctions on China, Myanmar and North Korea – Let’s See Todays News Updates

President Joe Biden listens to questions from members of the media after his closing remarks at the Virtual Summit for Democracy on Friday, December 10, 2021, at the Southern Court Hall on the White House campus in Washington.

WASHINGTON – The United States on Friday blacklisted China’s artificial intelligence group SenseTime as part of a wide-ranging human rights crackdown on dozens of individuals and businesses linked to China, Myanmar, North Korea and Bangladesh.
Canada and the United Kingdom have joined the United States in imposing human rights sanctions on Myanmar, while Washington has imposed the first new sanctions against North Korea under President Joe Biden, targeting Myanmar’s military. Day.
“Our actions today, especially those in partnership with the United Kingdom and Canada, send the message that global democracies are abusing their power and taking action against those who are suffering and repressing them,” said Deputy Finance Minister Wally Adeemo. statement.
The Chinese embassy in Washington has condemned the US move as “a serious interference in China’s internal affairs and a serious violation of basic norms governing international relations.”
Embassy spokesman Liu Penggyu said it would “seriously damage Sino-US relations” and called on Washington to reverse its decision.
The North Korean mission to the United Nations and the embassies of Myanmar and Bangladesh in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
The move is the latest in a series of sanctions that coincide with Biden’s two-day Virtual Democracy Summit, an initiative to strengthen democracy around the world and promote pro-democracy legislation in the United States.
Biden said Friday that the promises made at the summit by some of the world’s more than 100 leaders will challenge the growing autocracy around the world, fight corruption and promote human rights.

“This will help create a fertile ground for democracy to flourish around the world,” he said at the closing of the summit.
On Friday, the Ministry of Finance accused China’s artificial intelligence company SenseTime of adding it to the list of “Chinese military-industrial complex companies” and focusing on identifying the Uyghurs and developing a face recognition program to identify the target ethnic group.
As a result, the company will be subject to an investment ban by US investors. SenseTime is approaching its first public offering (IPO) of 1.5 billion shares. Earlier this week, two people who knew the company said they were in talks with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange about the fate of the planned $ 767 million worth of shares following reports of a treasury cut.
SenseTime said in a statement on Saturday that it “strongly opposes the appointments and allegations made in this regard” and called them “baseless.”
“We have complied with all applicable laws and regulations relating to our business in all areas of our business,” the company said in a statement.
UN experts and human rights groups estimate that more than a million people, mostly Uighurs and other members of Muslim minorities, have been detained in recent years in large camps in western China’s Xinjiang.
China denies the violence in Xinjiang, but the US government and many human rights groups say Beijing is committing genocide there.
Myanmar and North Korea

The Ministry of Finance has announced that it is imposing sanctions on two Myanmar military organizations and military supply organizations. One of the target organizations, the Department of Defense Industry, produces weapons for soldiers and police that were used to brutally suppress protesters on February 1.
At least 82 people were killed in a single day in April, according to the Ministry of Finance, targeting four regional prime ministers, including Myo Swe Win, the head of the junta’s administration in Baguio Province.
Canada has imposed sanctions on four organizations linked to Myanmar’s military government, while Britain has imposed new sanctions on the military.
On February 1, the military overthrew leader Aung San Suu Kyi and her government, leaving Myanmar in a state of crisis, with daily demonstrations in urban areas and fighting between the military and ethnic minority rebels in neighboring areas.
The junta, which is trying to suppress the opposition, has killed more than 1,300 people, according to the AAPP monitoring group.
The Global Witness campaign group said the move failed to target Myanmar’s natural gas production, the junta’s main source of foreign exchange, and was “unlikely to have a real impact on the military junta’s profits.”
The Treasury also blacklisted North Korea’s Prosecutor General’s Office and former Social Security Minister and recently appointed People’s Armed Forces Minister Ri Yong-gil. It also targeted a Russian university to support the export of workers from North Korea.
North Korea has long sought to lift US and international sanctions over its weapons program, and has criticized the United States for criticizing its human rights record as evidence of its hostile policies.
The Biden administration has repeatedly called on North Korea to hold talks on its nuclear and missile programs, but to no avail.
The US State Department also banned 12 people from traveling to the United States on Friday, including officials from China, Belarus and Sri Lanka.

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