The “real hero” paid the price of the war and won the Senate – Let’s See Todays News Updates

President Joe Biden walks in to deliver a speech at the funeral of former Kansas Senator Bob Dole, at the Washington National Church on Friday, December 10, 2021.

On Friday, Bob Dole paid tribute to the Washington National Church, helped build the World War II monument, and congratulated the Kansas senator on his many years of politics without compromising his politeness.
Officials and other politicians who embodied the two-party ideology, which is rare in a modern government, gathered to pay tribute to a veteran of the Dole War who rose through the difficult stages of running for president and running for president three times.
“He could be a partisan, it was okay,” President Joe Biden said. “Americans have been partisans since Jefferson and Hamilton competed in George Washington Hall. But like them, Bob Dole was a patriot.”
Biden’s funeral was attended by members of Congress, members of the government, three former Republican vice presidents, and Bill Clinton, who defeated Dole in 1996 to be re-elected president.
“There is something that connects the past and the present, the war and the peace, the past and the present,” Biden said, touching the Dole box before speaking at the ceremony, recalling his 50 years of friendship. “The courage, bravery, well-being, and grace of Lieutenant Bob Dowle, a Congressman Dole, Senator Dole, a statesman, husband, father, friend, and co-worker – it’s often overused, but it’s not here. hero. “
Dole, who died Sunday at the age of 98, was seriously wounded during World War II and served in Congress for nearly 36 years and was leader of the Democratic Senate for more than 10 years. In addition to his sharp, often sarcastic language, one of Dolly’s most famous traits was his pragmatism and self-deprecating demeanor, a sense of compromise from the past.
Biden called him “the champion of our time and all time,” while Dole said he was concerned that American democracy was threatening a fierce political struggle at the end of his life, noting that the conflict between the two parties was “unacceptable day by day.” . ”
However, Democrats and Republicans have praised Dole’s ability to put the country and the civil service above ideology.
During the praise, Biden offered clear, intimate details about how Dowle was born a child of the Dust Cup, volunteered for military service as a young man, and returned to his “painful” years after recovering from his wounds.
“God, how brave Bob Dole was,” the president said.

Former Republican Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts Dole used humor as a political tool to help blow up “guerrilla balloons.” Dolly’s daughter, Robin, read a letter from her father to her staff and said, “I believe in the future of the United States.”
After the funeral, Dole’s coffin was taken to the World War II Memorial Complex in the National Shopping Center, which opened in 2004, and Roberts said it would not have existed if Dole had guided the legislation that set it up for so many years.
“Bob Dole realized that being accepted by this great generation was not enough,” Roberts said. “It was a reflection and an innovation, and it was the greatest generation to inspire the next generation.”
He also recalled that Dole spent Saturday mornings at the memorial and greeted visiting veterans as part of a trip he helped organize. Dole has been a longtime supporter of the Honor Flight Network, which organizes veterans’ trips to Washington and visits to monuments dedicated to their service.
Former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Dashle said Dole once told him he was thinking of burying him in a World War II memorial. Dashl also said that Dole’s responsibilities went beyond veterans, including when he left the presidential campaign in 1996 to attend a prom for a girl who was paralyzed in a car accident.
Actor Tom Hanks asked the crowd at the memorial, “How many buildings are there in this city other than the efforts of one man?”
Hanks, who starred in World War II’s “Rescue Little Soldier Ryan,” said, “It was Bob Dole who wanted to place this monument.”

Dole was paralyzed and nearly killed during World War II. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milli, recalled lying with his face dragged behind a wall after being hit by Dole in 1945 while fighting in the mountains of Italy. I don’t know if I will live or die. He could not move as the battle raged around him. He was hospitalized for 10 hours in a row before doctors arrived. “
“He served in the military. He served in Kansas. He served in the political party. But most importantly, he served his country, the Americans,” Millie said. “Bob Dole always puts his country first.”
The ceremony ended with Miley Dole’s wife, former North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole, and Robin touching her flowers and then bowing.
Dolly’s body is also being flown to Kansas for a public display over the weekend in her hometown of Russell. He will eventually be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
Friday’s ceremonies were much loved by Dole as he lay in the US Capitol dormitory on Thursday. Dowle served as a Kansas lawmaker before running for Congress in 1960, and won a Senate seat after eight years in the House of Representatives.
Early in his career, Dole was seen as the DP’s “honorary man.” During Watergate, he was an adviser to Richard Nixon and chairman of the Republican National Committee. While in the Senate, Dole realized the value of crossing the road and was successful for a longer period of time.
These include the American Law on Persons with Disabilities, which to date guarantees the level of access to civil rights. Dol also fought to protect the social security benefits of elderly Americans, and supported civil rights, even though such actions were not always politically acceptable.
“Because of opposition from his own party and some of my own, he was able to draft a bill to create a union celebration named after Martin Luther King,” Biden said. “Bob Dole did it.”

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