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Badminton India made it difficult to score a top score over the weekend by winning the Thomas Cup. This is one of the best victories in Indian sports. not accidental It is true that India lost to badminton giants Malaysia, Denmark and Indonesia. But the path to the platform was laid almost ten years ago.

Celebrations erupt at the Impact Arena. The whole team danced merrily in the stadium. Indian fans bathed in three colors.

Since the semifinals, HS Pranoy has invited Indian fans to fill the stage. They listen.

Siyadath, Indian badminton coach As part of the historic campaign, he said, “they came and came with drums in anticipation of their time.”

India won the Thomas Cup for the first time, beating Indonesia 3-0 in the final.

HS Prannoy, one of the architects at Victory, recalls: “Seeing standing on the podium in the Thomas Cup gave me goosebumps. I’m sure half of us on the team never believed this would happen. but it happened I think when we come here We tell ourselves we can grab a coin. But I never thought of winning a gold medal. I still can’t believe it.”

Pranoy set up a Whatsapp group ‘It’s coming home’ during the Korea Open where 10 people gathered and discussed their problems. “Then it went home. but we have our problem we have up and down Group chats keep us together. understand each other,” Pranoy said, chuckling lightly, “I told them this was my reason. All Whatsapp groups should be created.”

Aggressive and calm, intonation

Whatsapp groups are a means of conveying energy, excitement, but the boy in the cauldron remains calm.

Chirag Shetty performs Sourav Ganguly after winning the doubles match in the final. He tore his t-shirt and threw it into the crowd, the 24-year-old said this was the ‘moment’ and that he ‘goes with the flow, does things naturally’.

As the world saw aggression, Coach Pullela Kopicand saw calm.

“It’s amazing to see the energy they bring into the team. What you see is aggression and outward appearance. What I like is the inner peace. Go down to serve the championship points – lose those games to come back. Stay calm when you’re here, the staff are dancing and you keep working. It’s a story of inner peace. I think it’s important Being in it and saying I’m going to finish the race It’s important to keep that focus.”

“Even the way Lakshaya (Sen) continued to fight in 11-7 is commendable. He was thinking about how to turn around. Satwik and Jirak argued at every point. Finally a miracle happened. I think you are when I see aggression. I’m also glad they were able to calm down – Prannoi Laksaya Srikat Satwik-Jirak.. Even the kids who didn’t win are doing well. That’s what I’m very happy about.”

Deepthi Bopaiah, CEO of GoSports Foundation, said: “Gopi Sir said he saw peace and we saw aggression.. I saw a brave new India. A set of fully dedicated masters. That’s what makes it fun. It’s a historic moment for all of us. We have Neeraj gold and after that we are experiencing this. Everyone – whether they follow badminton or not talk about it or tweet about it, it’s against (cricket). o) World Cup 1983 I think this is the new face of India. These kids are role models and each of us has a lot to learn from them.”

High doesn’t come without touching those lows.

Little Mercy returned to the lowest point they encountered during the campaign.

“I remember we had a bad game against Chinese Taipei and Chirag-Satvik was very disappointed. Chirag came in and said we had to meet. began to speak very emotionally By saying that this is not the way we want to play. that had just been thrown away Gained a lot of insights about the person that day. The energy changes from there. See how each one starts playing. That’s when I started to feel that this team could do wonders. I realize that as an individual this team can win this. Everyone began to believe that this was going to happen. This is a journey that has taken over a decade. Gopi Sir has created a personal champion to have depth in the team. finally gathered here Team events and we went to lift the Thomas trophy.”

Men’s badminton results urgently ?

It took more than ten years of planning to come here. But Kopichat thinks the evolution of the team is very fast.

“This happened very quickly. In 1994 India didn’t send the team to CWG because we couldn’t make it into the top six. Australia, Malaysia, Canada, England are stronger teams. From there until winning the Thomas Cup was a huge encouragement. Most importantly, the players believe in themselves and support each other. and the miracle happened in Thailand

“It all started in 2008 with Sina. The 2010 Commonwealth Games was the impetus for badminton. Her medal in Beijing is very important. 2016 Rio Games Sindhu won a silver medal. Then the world championship medals for boys – Laksaya Srikan and the emergence of doubles. There are many things together. Pranoi and Srikan have seen ups and downs. They play each other for personal pride. pride of their country Come together as a team, compete, support each other and I think it is. Well done. They have a team that revolves around which is wonderful. The little kind went through a period and said that I would never give up. The staff says we won’t let you give up either. that support makes very different Then the doubles players say count us too,” Gopichand said.

It takes a village to raise a champion.

And the change comes with the help of various stakeholders such as the government, private funders such as the GoSports Foundation, which works tirelessly with Gopichand and many others on the badminton system.

Deepthi talks about working with these champions.

“I remember a conversation with Gopi 10 years ago when they were kids. We talked about who should ascend, who can ascend, and how they can get ahead. There is a lot of work going on in the end, for example the foundation on which our job is to ensure that athletes are well supported to take it to the next level. From a technical point of view, the Gopichand Institute has provided it all. From our end it is to ensure that athletes are performing well in terms of nutrition and physical therapist,” she said.

“It was a long journey. Seeing them from super talented kids to mature men taking on the big task of winning the nation’s medals is incredible. It’s a complete idea. Some people have bad lows. Covid doesn’t help, but the camaraderie of the team is there to watch. They play like an Indian team,” she added.

’83 The moment of Indian badminton?

Gopichand disagrees with the comparison to the 1983 period.

“The past few years have been a great sport – in the last 10 years badminton has continued to rise. We are watching another sport. This victory took it to the next level – inspiring a whole generation of athletes – to believe in itself, not just in badminton but also in life. That’s how I look at this group of champions. They inspire people in sports and beyond.”

What will the championship be next?

Super Coach Gopichand is known to be a tough supervisor and hearing this from him is quite unusual.

“I want to tell them boys, get some rest, it’s okay, go back to the process and do the simple things right, it could happen this year, next year, if you do the right thing. Magic will happen. They have already shown the best results. I have friends in Malaysia, Indonesia, I got a call from Malaysia, they said ‘Wow, what happened, this is incredible’ to us, these kids go there without much expectation. myself and a few of us The core team believes that this is possible. I think this should inspire the sports ecosystem and send a message. The best things will happen in the next few years.”

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