The political elite cannot look the monster in the eye – Let’s See Todays News Updates

The Conservative movement is full of anger and terrible opportunities, and its main character is a former president

In the early days of Shebei, we published a semi-regular article every week, and what are the Gobi people talking about these days? This was a study of the state of our national dialogue. The management, frankly, left because they didn’t want to watch the damn Sunday shows again. (And because other people, especially the dreaded Driftglass, did it better.) But the alarming pattern among various goblins over the weekend did not bode well for the current crisis in our democratic republic. Call it the Church of Savvi. Call it the Two-Way Puzzle. No matter what you call it, it shows that among our political elites, the monster looks into the eyes and ignores calling him by the right name, or is even terrified of the truth. The elite political press is not for that. This is beyond his comprehension.
The Monster is a Republican, and the modern conservative movement is its driving force. If the Republicans are Medusa, the modern conservative movement is its snake’s head. It is determined and determined to destroy the current constitutional order and replace it with a dictatorial plutocratic government, because it is its only clear goal. It is a party without ideology and is driven by a movement that makes reckless and harmful nihilism the only fuel. It is a beast that gave life to the Republican Party, and American society and American political institutions have been met with denial and fear, and the monster will now scream, according to Frankenstein.
Cursed creator! Why did you create such a terrible monster, and why did you hate me? God, out of compassion, made man beautiful and attractive in His image; but my character is more ugly than you look, even more like you. Satan had demons as companions to admire and encourage him; but I’m lonely and disgusted.
In another part of the book, the Creator warns, “I have a love you can’t imagine, and I have a love you can’t believe. If I can’t satisfy one, I will indulge the other.”

Ms. Neff, owner of a hardware store decorated with Mr. Trump’s Rambo and Terminator, arrived in Washington on Jan. 6 to support the former president, but declined to give further details. Citing false evidence, he called the coronavirus vaccine “poisonous” and said he was concerned that Democrats were planning to set up an extermination camp for Mr. Trump’s supporters.

Karen Williams, a resident of Bat County who owns the resort, told Ralph Northam, the current governor of Virginia and a Democrat, that she was displeased with the closure of schools during the plague, the progressive race policy, and the destruction of federal monuments. He called it an example of the theory of competitive criticism, an end-level research system that summed up a controversial debate on how to teach racism and racism in schools.
Not surprisingly, some time ago, the New York Times looked into the eyes of the monster and, instead of calling him by his first name, went on another Trump voter trip and found another group of people he thought he didn’t love. ignoring our other people and indulging their anger.
Faced with the monster’s outbursts of anger and self-deprecation, most political elites hide behind the monster’s disrespectful politeness. Chuck Todd lamented that “instead of saying that the president has no constituencies within the Republican Party, he failed to ally with the Republicans and pass a law on the right to vote.” The monster swallowed him.

Or the political elite chose to dance among the brutal. The Times columnist Maureen Dowd, now rude in journalism, has raised concerns about the current president’s return to Delaware, where he regularly visits the Mass and visits the graves of his wife and children.
If this misbehavior doesn’t work, you can always try to calm the monster down, which is the best exercise, according to CNN.
The former president is the face of a monster. That’s his avatar. That’s his terrible opportunity. He is a threat to the constitutional system. He needs to be stopped. It needs to be made irrelevant. As a political force, it needs to be disarmed, disgraced and destroyed. So far, I don’t see any of us fit for the job. Rejected love has become angry, and the monster is now all the restless appetite.

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