Accounts are too big to fail or too small to approve. The real danger for the Democrats is if they both end up belonging to different factions of the party.

Democratic leaders tasked with putting Biden’s agenda into law are now calling for looking beyond the numbers, which is a useful benchmark when there is no price tag or legislative language or even bullet points to review.

For months, the public debate has been obsessed with those same numbers. But in reality they are out of place at least in one important sense: what is at stake is more fundamental than how many trillions are spent.

The mind-boggling parade of horrific potentials – a government shutdown, a debt default, a failure to pass any further significant national legislation, all as the pandemic continues and crises collide at the border and overseas – mainly falls on the party. in power.

It carries out President Joe Biden’s priorities for accountable and even competent government, particularly given the lack of help they are receiving from Republicans on the foundation involved in keeping the economy healthy.

“We have to be successful,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.

The internal distrust of the party is real, but it is hardly registered among the voters. National and battle polls circulating among Democrats point in the same direction: Biden and his party have continued to do things without chaos and drama, facts that are driving the failure mentality.

The Biden administration is stepping up deportation flights from the border to Haiti amid an intense bipartisan reaction and the resignation of a senior official.

Daniel Foote, the special envoy for Haiti, wrote a scathing resignation letter that blew up the administration’s approach to Haiti policy.

“I will not be associated with the inhumane and counterproductive decision of the United States to deport thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to Haiti,” Foote wrote in his resignation letter obtained by ABC News. Foote went on to outline the dire conditions in the earthquake-ravaged island nation.

“The people of Haiti, mired in poverty, hostage to terror, kidnappings, robberies and massacres of armed gangs and suffering under a corrupt government with gang alliances, simply cannot support the forced infusion of thousands of migrants returned without food, shelter and money, without further, avoidable human tragedies, “Foote wrote.

His assessment contrasts with the assessment of the conditions on the ground in Haiti by the secretary for internal security Alejandro Mayorkas. In a comment during his Monday visit to Del Rio, Texas, Mayorkas told reporters that the country was safe enough to welcome migrants.

Vice President Kamala Harris ignored questions Thursday about her reaction to Foote’s resignation during a meeting with the Ghanaian president. But Harris, who has been tasked with stemming the migration, won’t be able to avoid the questions much longer: ABC’s “The View” is scheduled for Friday.

Officials from Arizona’s partisan-led review of the 2020 votes are finally ready to deliver a report detailing their findings to the state Senate on Friday.

Almost 11 months after the election, the dispute over the outcome of the conspiracy continues to dominate the GOP. On Thursday, former President Donald Trump wrote to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, asking him to add a 2020 election audit to the legislator’s special session – and then that night, the office of the Texas Secretary of State announced an “analysis. complete forensics “. audit ”of the 2020 results in four counties.

Early drafts of the report obtained by Phoenix affiliate ABC KNXV-TV produced a total that was not substantially different from that reported by Maricopa County after the election, confirming to skeptics that President Joe Biden won Arizona. However, Maricopa County warned that the entire report was “covered with errors and erroneous conclusions” about the 2020 election.

Electoral experts have warned from the beginning of the process that the results will not be reliable. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs wrote in a report that the audit consisted of “incorrect and inconsistently applied procedures and processes”p’s longest-serving aide and last chief of staff. The committee is seeking documents and depositions from Dan Scavino – Trump’s caddy-turned-social media guru and senior White House aide – former chief of staff Mark Meadows, conservative activist Steve Bannon and Kash Patel, who was the chief of staff for the acting defense secretary on Jan. 6.

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