The government has launched a ‘Work out to Help Out’ campaign to encourage participation in sports – update sport news

  • Izany dia taorian’ny nandrenesan’ny komity nomerika, kolontsaina, haino aman-jery ary ny fanatanjahan-tena, porofo fa ankizy maherin’ny 100000 any Angletera no nahatratra ny asa farafahakeliny 60 minitra natolotry ny Lehiben’ny mpitsabo tamin’ny taon-dasa raha oharina tamin’ny taona teo.
Wednesday 29 July 2021 23:54, UK

The government has launched a “Work to Help” campaign to encourage people to get involved in organized sports.

This is after the digital, culture, media and sport committee heard evidence that more than 100,000 children in the UK achieved at least 60 minutes of work recommended by the Chief Medical Officer last year. past compared to last year.

It added the proportion of children and young people not achieving the minimum recommended level of activity is “of significant concern”.

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Only half of children and youth will reach the minimum allotted for 60 minutes of activity per day by 2020, the report said.

“Despite the government allowing people to exercise outside for an hour a day, either alone or with their families, during the closure, the sports and fitness team is suspended; the gym, recreation center and swimming pool were closed.

“After each successive closure, the sport was one of the first things to come back but the activity rate for 2020 was lower than last year’s numbers among adults and young people and children, ”the report said.

Grassroots and grassroots sports “depend a lot on relatively little volunteer work,” he said, and “staff turnover” is “one of the biggest challenges the sport faces after post -illness society ”.

The “Work to Help” initiative is encouraged to encourage participation and volunteerism in sports.

“The impact of successive closures on the action scene has not been as negative as initially threatened,” the report said, adding: “The government and Sport England need to renew their efforts. by encouraging people to return to the sport to avoid additional interventions. during ‘Lockdown 3’. “

He continued: “We recommend the government to do a sport similar to the‘ Eat Out to Help Out ’campaign, titled‘ Work out to Help Out ’, to encourage volunteers and participants to take part. participate, to take part in organized sport and to support sporting infrastructure, both in the UK and across the UK. ”

Conservative senior lawmaker Julian Knight said the epidemic “has left funding already in jeopardy for grassroots sports”.

The name represents the state-sponsored Eat Out to Help Out program, which offered customers a 50 per cent discount on up to £ 10, when dining at a registered restaurant last month August 2020, in an effort to encourage a return to dining abroad after the first isolation.

The report also offers a campaign proposal similar to the “5 a day” public health message that encourages people to eat at least five fruits or vegetables a day.

The committee also found that sports groups and organizations faced “unprecedented challenges” during the epidemic, and the financial models “that discouraged fundraising left clubs and organizations, to date. the national hierarchy, in a dangerous situation. “

Conservative lawmaker Julian Knight, who chairs the committee, said the disease “has already left funding for grassroots sports”.

Mr Knight said: “Today we made a proposal to the government on how to better protect our workplaces and put grassroots sports in a sustainable financial sector.

“The government should only play its part in rehabilitating people after the symptoms or the consequences of the risk to public health in the future.”

A spokesman for the department of digital, culture, media and sports said: “For the past year and a half, we have made the importance of sports and physical activity a priority, and he these will remain at the center of our coronaavirus recovery plan as we build peacefully. ”

He said $ 1 billion in funding would be provided to help the grassroots, elite and leisure sectors, adding: “Working with the government, Sport England has now put in place a 10-year strategy that focuses on raising the level of activity, helping to improve physical and mental health and supporting our clear commitment to young people to participate in physical activity for 60 minutes a day and to adults for two and a half hours a week. “

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