The German far-right group is trying to block migrants – NEWS WORLD UPDATE

German police have prevented armed members of a far-right group from blocking migrants at the Polish border.

More than 50 far-right vigilants were armed with pepper spray, bayonet, machete and wands, police said.

The group is believed to support a far-right party called the Third Way, which is presumably linked to neo-Nazi groups.

The party called on its members to take action against the increased border crossings since August.

Police seized guns and forced the group to leave the Guben town area on Saturday night and Sunday at dawn, a spokesman said.

A counter-demonstration was held against far-right patrols.

“We do not want to leave the region to the neo-Nazis. We want to set an example that asylum is and will remain a human right,” the organizers of the vigil told Der Spiegel.

Germany has deployed an additional 800 police officers at the Polish border to check the number of migrants entering the EU from Belarus, the interior minister was quoted as saying on Sunday.

“There are hundreds of officers on duty there day and night. If necessary, I am ready to reinforce them even more,” Horst Seehofer told Bild am Sonntag.

This year, more than six thousand people came to Germany illegally from Belarus and Poland, he said.

There are no plans to close the Polish border, he said, but added that it may be necessary to reintroduce controls.

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