The Foreign Affairs Committee may call Coveni before the department meeting – Let’s See Todays News Updates

Simon Cowney may be summoned before the commission at a departmental meeting

Foreign Secretary Simon Cowney may be summoned to answer questions from the Oireachtas cross-party committee at a time of political concern over the issue, which will take place in his department in June 2020.
A majority of the 14 members of the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee expressed support for the committee’s request to meet with Minister Coveni during a one-on-one meeting tomorrow, saying that inquiries from the current department were not going far enough.
A spokesman for the UN Security Council confirmed yesterday that an investigation had been launched into Ireland’s election to the UN Security Council in June 2020.
The investigation into the ministry’s new secretary general, Joe Hackett, will be completed by the end of January.
Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, citing an interview with RTE’s News At One on Friday.
Participating in the same program this afternoon, 14 TDs and eight senators on the committee said they believe Coveni should attend the meeting to answer questions related to the dispute.
The eight TDs and senators who supported the request to meet with Minister Cowney were: Sinn Feyn TD John Brady, Sorca Clark and party senator Niall Oh Donghail; Social Democrats TD Gary Gunnon, Independent TD Catal Berry, Green Party TD Brian Leddin, Independent Senator Ger Crowell, Fianna File Senator Catherine Ardag.
Mr Brady said he wanted to meet with Cowney immediately, adding: “This was another major distraction, reminiscent of the Catherine Zappone scandal and Minister Cowney’s own involvement in resolving the issue.
“Therefore, the committee will meet on Tuesday afternoon and ask Minister Sinn Fein to come to the committee as soon as possible and provide full information on the incident and how it was handled.”

The senator said he wanted a meeting as soon as the Ardag Department’s investigation was over; Vice Berry said the ambassadors who attended the meeting should also come; Deputy Leddin also said he would not “oppose” the meeting plan.
The other six members of the committee are: Fianna File TD Barry Cowen, James Lawless, Committee Chairman David Stanton, Charlie Flanagan, Fine Gael Senator Joe O’Reilly, and Fianna File Senator Diarmuid Wilson.
Mr Cowen said: “Tomorrow we will see what the members have to say and they will lead me.” Mr. Flanagan, as chairman of the committee, said:
Mr Lawless said: “The gathering at the State Department offices was wrong, careless and stupid. However, I don’t think it can be compared to our Downing Street, Boris Johnson and others.
“As for Boris Johnson, they sent invitations to a fraudulent party involving not only politicians but also political advisers.
“I don’t think the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had that kind of attitude, it was a temporary trial, and I think these were non-political civil servants and they were celebrating their goal for the green jersey,” he said.
“So I don’t think something that happened in just a few minutes was wise, but you can’t hang on to it, draw on it, make it into four.”
The Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee will hold a closed-door meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss Dale’s mandate.

The former Striptease Shopping Mall is now a venue for political conservatives in Maine

ELLSWORTH, Maine – Local businessman John Linnehan, a conservative Christian gunman, has leased an old two-screen movie theater in Maine Coast Mall and plans to use it as an event for political conservatives during this year’s election. .
A large billboard in front of a shopping center on Main Street on Thursday featured the American flag, a dove, a bald eagle, the Bible, Jesus, the Bell of Freedom, and the US Constitution. At the top of the sign is the inscription “John Linnehan’s Constitutional Chamber” in red and blue.

The venue’s plan is the latest attempt by Linnehan, a longtime Republican supporter of the Conservative Republicans, to run for office. On his Facebook page, John Linnehan, a freedom fighter, Linnehan advertised the space as a gathering place for conservatives who support the Constitution.
Linnehan himself ran for Elsworth City Council in 2016 and last year, and for the Maine Senate in 2004 and 2020, but did not win the election.
“My personal goal is to create a center that brings together hundreds of groups, organizations, and individuals with a common goal of constitutional freedom throughout our great state of Maine,” Linnehan said in a video. page. “I believe we have a majority in support of the constitution,” he said. We didn’t have a network connection to understand that. “
Linnehan said that if the Conservatives could unite, they could turn Maine into a red province in 2022 and restore the constitutional freedoms it had seized from the government, but did not mention specific freedoms.
“Red just means removing every member of the Democratic Party,” he said in the video. “This will happen if we unite on a common cause and regain our constitutional freedoms together.”
The Maine Democrats did not respond to a request for comment on Linnehan’s election goals.
The venue will consist of two 175-seat movie theaters, one called the “Independence Hall” and the other the “1776 Patriots Hall,” Linnehan said in a video.
Linnehan declined to elaborate on what he plans to do there.

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