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Outside St. Peter’s Square in Rome on October 23, 2021, a photo of Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore, who has been appointed chairman of the US Archbishops’ Committee for the Promotion of Life. He spoke to the Catholic Information Service about documents from US bishops. On October 29, Eucharist and Pope Francis met with US President Joe Biden.

The new chairman of the American Bishops’ Life Support Action Committee hopes his fellow bishops will approve the Eucharist statement, helping Catholics understand that this is a gift and inviting them back to active Church life.
“In November, we closed the line,” we pastors said. We love our people. We think it would be great if we could make it an invitation church and gather people around the altar. “Lord,” Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore told the Catholic press service.
During a November 15-18 meeting to discuss and vote on a document on the Eucharist, he said, “We must not violate our doctrine, deny that it is possible to remove oneself from the Lord’s table, and have a pastoral nature.” “but laid the foundation for many years of bishops’ projects to help Catholics better understand, appreciate, and celebrate the sacrament.
Some bishops want the statement to specifically address questions from Catholic politicians such as President Joe Biden.
Archbishop Lori was in the Vatican in late October to accompany the new supreme hero of Colombia; Biden was scheduled to meet with the pope on October 29.
“It would be a surprise if the pope and the president did not meet,” the bishop said on October 23. “It’s clear that the pope does not agree with the president on abortion. He made it very clear.”
“I don’t think this meeting is a signal of any weakness in the Pope’s life,” he said. “But I think there will be some areas of negotiation. American bishops. That doesn’t mean we’re in the same base, it’s our social doctrine, especially the environmental issues before the UN climate conference.”
In a statement to the Eucharist conference, Archbishop Lori made a strong statement about politicians and the deservingness of accepting friendships, saying among U.S. bishops, “There will always be a voice on both sides of the issue, that’s fine. They will contribute.” calls for something we can forget. “
But I hope that the document will focus more on what Eucharist is.
“We have to be smart,” he said. “Sometimes you say being in the middle is a position of weakness. (But) these days, a position of strength and courage is usually in the middle.”
As pastors, he said, bishops should teach the truth and help all Catholics, regardless of political affiliation or position, to understand it.
At the same time, “the church is called to be a great sacrament of salvation, a great sacrament of unity. If there was a time when it was necessary to follow a deep theological explanation of what a church is, it is now. In our polarized culture,” said Archbishop Lori. “Therefore, we must beware of entering the guerrilla streets where there is no way out, no end to life, no evangelical life, no spiritual fruit.”
At the end of the November meeting of bishops in the United States, Archbishop Lori will serve as chairman of the Archbishop’s Lifetime Action Committee for a three-year term.
He hopes that US bishops and churches will continue to support and expand the “Walk with Mothers in Need” project to help local pregnant women find resources and services in their communities and help them access these services. resources that may be lacking.
The committee said it would continue to educate, promote and work on “all issues related to human life and dignity”, but that abortion would remain a major issue due to abortion in the United States. years and “due to the complete and utter helplessness of the unborn child who must protect humanity.”
At the same time, the Church must fight the death penalty, euthanasia, and help immigrants and those struggling with poverty.
“We are not exempt from this,” he said. “We believe that by showing compassion at every stage of life, we will work hard to protect the life and dignity of the unborn child.”

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