The 5 Most Beautiful Camping Spots in the World with a Spoiling View

CAMPING or camping is often the choice of tourists because it offers beautiful natural scenery and exotic panoramas. Nature tourism like this certainly has its own advantages because it is believed to be healthy for the body because it blends with nature.

Citing the Insider page, here are 5 recommendations for the most beautiful campsites in the world that are a pity to miss.

Sahale Glacier Camp Mountains (Washington, USA)

According to Time For a Hike, Sahale Glacier Camp is one of the best campsites in the US National Park System.

The campground is nestled between rock walls that you can reach by hiking through North Cascades National Park. There, you can camp next to the Sahale Glacier, between the North Cascades mountains.

Permit is required to camp there, this campsite is not recommended for beginners, but experienced ones. Here visitors can see some of the most beautiful landscapes in America.

Corcovado National Park rainforest (Costa Rica)

Corcovado National Park is an incredible place to explore, with 13 major ecosystems, beautiful waterfalls, and a variety of wildlife (including jaguars, monkeys and tapirs).

You can explore the rainforest in an immersive way, swim under waterfalls and relax on the beach.

Ecocamp Patagonia (Chile)

If sleeping in a tent isn’t your thing, but you still want to camp, then there’s nothing wrong with trying glamping.

One of the best places to do this is at EcoCamp Patagonia Chile. This EcoCamp uses a geodesic dome that is comfortable but still gives an outdoor feel.

The sites are located at the base of Torres del Paine National Park, they offer great views of the mountain peaks.

Tartaruga Camping, Zakynthos (Greece)

If you prefer camping by the beach to the forest, you should look to the Tartaruga campsite in Greece.

The campsite is nestled amongst olive trees with perfect views of Laganas Bay. Right near a small pebble beach, visitors can swim and snorkel with turtles or take a boat to the tiny island of Marathonisi. There is also a mini market and restaurant there.

Simien Mountains (Ethiopia)

Simien Mountains National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site and the most popular track destination in Ethiopia.

The scenery is beautiful, and there is lots of exotic wildlife to see, such as monkeys, Ethiopian wolves, and a variety of rare birds. In this place, you can also climb jagged cliffs and deep ravines, but the best way to explore the park is by camping.

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