Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has responded to criticism that he is not making enough of an effort to stop the growth of borders.

Abbott told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show on Thursday night that 6,500 National Guard members and state troops are at the border in Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott has accused the United States of failing to mobilize enough troops to stem the rise in immigration on the Texas-Mexico border. Speaking at a press conference at Fort Worth after signing a bill on border security financing at Fort Worth last month, Abbott told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show Thursday night that 6,500 National Guards and state troops are at the border in Texas.

Austin – Governor Greg Abbott has accused the Texas-Mexico border of failing to mobilize enough troops to stem the rise in immigration.
On Thursday night, Fox News responded to criticism that Abbott was refusing to send as many National Guard troops to the southern Texas border.
“We now have 6,500 National Guard and DPS troops at the border to help with border protection,” he said. As we talk right now, they’re identifying locations at the border where these caravans are putting razors to secure all possible exits, ”said Tucker Carlson of Abbott Fox.
Abbott said the National Guard and the Department of Public Safety are placing large metal shipping containers in areas where “potential landfills” could be seen in Mexico. He said government officials had advised him to build some of the proposed state-built border wall by December 31.
Last month, Carlson Republicans, the highest-rated cable television news program, blamed President Joe Biden’s immigration policy and criticized Abbott for not deploying enough security guards to stem the growing influx of unlicensed immigrants.
Although Abbott plans to raise about $ 3 billion this year from the legislature to increase state border security efforts, including the 2,500-strong Texas Department of Defense, some staunch Conservatives say it’s too little or too late.
Carlson even went so far as to argue that Abbott’s two rivals in the March 1 Democratic primary, former Dallas Sen. Don Huffins and former state Republican Allen West, were not enough by the governor. invited to participate in a show with space. soldiers.
This led to the release of pro-military videos on Abbott’s social media. “Thank you to the Texas National Guard for our day-to-day work to protect our borders,” Abbott said Sept. 22.
That day was the day on the West Carlson show that Abbott was called “inactive” about the border crisis. On Sept. 29, Huffins told Carlson’s national audience that if he had been governor, he would have already recruited more than 20,000 troops.
Late Wednesday, Abbott criticized the approach to the border. Shelley Luther, a former Dallas barber and former Abbott plague management critic, first raised the issue at a tea party sponsored by the Conservative group Wise County, who co-chaired the Decatur Candidates Forum. According to organizers, Abbott “politely declined” his invitation to the event.


Huffins, West of North Texas, who was the first to test Abbott on a Blas TV show, said fan Chad Prater was easy to secure at the border.
Huffins promised border guards that “all Texas soldiers and more than 20,000 of our National Guards will use them.” He promised that the Mexican government would ban commercial trucks from entering Mexico from Texas until the border was seized from drug traffickers.
Former Army Lt. Col. West said more than 7,000 border guards should be enough, especially if Texas soldiers don’t have to sit like ducks to shoot snipers from Mexican cartels.
West applauded and said, “We’ll shoot them before they start shooting.”

During Prater Abbott’s time, National Guard soldiers and state police said “hands are tied, they can’t do their job.”
Huffins and West denounced Abbott’s border management, adding Prater: “I’m not running against these people, I’m thankful I’m running alongside them, because I … in my mind, I have an ABA or whoever is conservative. But Abbott.”
Earlier on Thursday, the conservative news channel Newsmax said Abbott had sent “thousands” of state police and National Guard troops to the border this year. But on Carlson’s show, he became clearer: 6500.
It was hard to see how much the police were part of the effort. The DPS objected to some of the Dallas Morning News’ open recording requests, saying the disclosure could jeopardize criminal investigations and law enforcement.
In August, the DPS burned $ 1.7 million a week because Abbott asked for money, and Abbott was able to pay overtime to 1,000 soldiers assigned to Operation One Star in March for a border attempt. The legislature gave him nearly $ 155 million in DPS, which also hired an additional 79 “special operations teams” of soldiers and support staff to work at the border.
Legislators also approved $ 301 million, an increase of 1,800 from the 700 National Guard personnel already stationed there.
Before appearing on Ablott Carlson’s show, his press secretary, Rena Eze, asked the Texas Military Department about military strength and readiness.
“Since the launch of Operation Single Star in March to address the crisis caused by Governor Abbott Biden, thousands of Texas Public Security personnel and Texas National Guard troops have been deployed 24/7 on land, air and water. “Stop the flow of immigration,” Eze said in a written statement.
“The National Guard and the DPS have arrested more than 74,000 immigrants and more than 8,100 criminals nationwide to stop the smuggling of migrants from more than 150 countries around the world,” he said. With $ 3 billion in border security funding, we’re adding more DPS troops, patrols, and equipment. “
Abbott, a state attorney general and former judge of the Texas Supreme Court, has created a judicial and criminal system that allows state soldiers and police to arrest and detain immigrants for trespassing. In another article, he authorized the arrest of guards.
According to Stars and Stripes, last month the Texas Military Department posted on social media that it volunteered to send members of the Texas Guard to the border, which included accommodation and a $ 55 fee.
According to the publication, Abbott’s state-of-the-art troops are in addition to the 3,500 troops stationed on federal missions to support the Department of Homeland Security along the entire U.S. border with Mexico. The Department of Defense has allowed troops to serve in federal missions until the end of September 2022.

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