Tensions between Trump and Desantis have escalated – Let’s See Todays News Updates

(The Hill) – Protracted tensions between former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) are boiling over in 2024, before their first clash.
Trump DeSantis has been talking behind the scenes for months about the rapid political growth of the future, including the White House. However, the ex-president’s grievances have intensified, with some fearing a Republican battle between the two DPs.
“If President Trump chooses to fight here, it may be too early,” said Sam Nunberg, a former adviser to Trump, who has been neutral in the dispute between Trump and Desantis. “We have not changed the Republican primary,” he said. This is the battle to be fought in the middle of 2023. This is not a fight starting in 2022. “
Instead, Nunberg asked, “If you think Donald Trump is hitting Ron DeSantis when he attacks him, why is that?”
The latest tensions are escalating. An article in The New York Times on Sunday offered a detailed account of the growing confrontation between Trump and Desantis.
Similarly, the story of Trump insulting DesCantes as “boring” and “lacking in personal charm” was featured on the conservative Drudge Report website, published on Axios Monday.
Just a week ago, Trump shot DeSantis in the guise of refusing to say that he may have received a COVID-19 booster injection. In an interview with the Conservative America News Network, the former president criticized “stupid” politicians for not disclosing his honorary status.
“The answer is yes, they say it because they’re not brave,” Trump said. “You have to say it. Say it or not.”
Trump’s support for Desantists comes as the governor refuses to say much about his opposition to Trump’s 2024 Republican nomination. While several others have done so in public, DeSant has largely asked this question in public.
Trump also said he considered Desantis to be immeasurable. Former Congressman DeSantis won the Republican nomination for governor in 2018 after Trump backed more popular former Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam.
DeSantis’ political brand will present a presentation on Trump’s style of struggle and increase its productivity by gaining its reputation as a staunch opponent of COVID-19’s multi-faceted and defensive leadership.
In an interview on the conservative “Cruel” podcast, DeSantis was less aggressive when Trump advised Americans to put the virus at the forefront.
“In January 2020, I was the first governor to call for a ban on travel from China. “I supported Trump when he did that.” “But we have to take a step back and feel the construction.”
Desantis also fears a direct confrontation with Trump, who is running for re-election this year, and has seen the support of loyal voters from the previous president. In an interview with Ruthless magazine, DeSantis revealed that his relationship with Trump had deteriorated and that he had spread such rumors.
“You can’t get caught,” he explained. “You know what they’re doing, so don’t take it. Just try it. We need to join for the big red wave of 2022. That’s it.”
Anthony Fauchi, a former director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, is urging people to respond early to Trump to increase protection against Desantis Trump’s infection. plague.


However, it is clear that DeSantis is proposing a base among Republicans, including Trump. Ford O’Connell, a Florida-based GOP strategist and former congressional candidate, said the governor has succeeded in taking some of Trump’s state brand and protecting it and protecting it during the health epidemic.
“He took the ‘America’s First Book’ from Donald Trump’s game, which he thinks he did, and made it Florida’s first toy book,” O’Connell said.

“If you had told me that Ron DeSantis would be more politically courageous than Greg Abbott, I wouldn’t believe it,” said the Texas Republican governor. “The idea that DeSantis gave all the other Republicans a backbone to do the best in the state is why the Conservatives are rewarding him now.”
A Republican adviser to the state of Florida said DeSantis’ interest in running for president was due to the Florida governor’s perception of him as a “no-brainer Trump.”
“I think he’s a little more colorful. He’s a Harvard graduate, he’s served in the military, he’s the governor of the third largest state, but he can speak the language of the MAGA,” the adviser said. “There’s still a lot of drama about Trump. So I think he’s worried about another guy who’s getting a lot of attention.”
Of course, Desantis tried to dispel speculation about 2024’s ambitions. He officially launched his 2022 re-election campaign in November and announced his focus on the governor’s office.
Some Republicans have tried to dispel rumors about a dispute between Trump and Desantis. Giancarlo Sopo, a Republican media strategist who worked on Trump’s 2020 national campaign for the Spanish nation, said recent reports of tensions were part of a focus on President Joe Biden’s political woes.
“The stories of ‘Trump vs. DeSantis’ are not accidental. They are a fabrication of the Beltway, designed to distract from Biden’s catastrophic presidency,” Sopo tweeted. “Don’t take the bait.”
However, in many ways, Desantis looks more like a candidate for national office than someone who wants to stay in the governor’s mansion. His political committee collected nearly $ 70 million worth of war chests.
In a state report last week, Desantis repeatedly criticized the federal government for its coronavirus restrictions and mandates, saying its administration was “right” and that the federation’s approach to the plague was “wrong.”
DeSantis’s popularity among Republicans is also reflected in the polls. A study of the DP’s possible main field in 2024 shows that he is running after Trump for the second time, but he has received regular double-digit support and played an important role when Trump was disqualified.
From now on, there is enough time to close the DeSantis gap between the start of the 2024 primaries. Aubrey Jevett, a professor of political science at the University of Central Florida, says Trump is still the leader, but not necessarily two years from now.
“At the moment, everything looks good politically for DeSantis, but I still think he’s ranked. He’s Trump, and today he’s Desantis,” Jevett said. “But we don’t know if it will last long. Historically, the first sergeants have faded.”

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