Today is something of a curtain raiser for the U.S. National Parks system, ushering in its busiest season. Last year, nearly 312 million people visited the parks, hiking across the Grand Canyon, posting Instagram stories from Joshua Tree and waiting for Old Faithful by Yellowstone’s rainbow pools. (Reminder: Don’t touchContinue Reading

Americans are confronting a shortage of several major drug treatments. Some cancer patients are struggling to get chemotherapy drugs. Antibiotics are scarce after winter’s severe flu season. Medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are in short supply. Even children’s Tylenol has been hard to find, as my colleague Christina JewettContinue Reading

And the lavish breakfasts in the ambassador’s residence? “I don’t eat breakfast,” Emanuel said. What the show gets right Multiple ambassadors said the relationship between Kate and her No. 2 in the embassy, the deputy chief of mission, was accurate — along with the show’s use of the acronym D.C.M.Continue Reading