U.S. Senators Charles Grassley and Johnny Ernst, elected from the Republican Party of Iowa, voted Wednesday to pass a Senate resolution repealing President Joe Biden’s vaccine or test mandate for private employers.The resolution was approved by two Democrats, Senator John Tester of Montana and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.Federal courtsContinue Reading

The United States, once a shining example of the virtues of democracy, is now a prime example of a line of trauma to its hair, and on Thursday met with similar countries from around the world to explore ways to protect the Western way of life.Government officials, business leaders, civilContinue Reading

Technology shares were sold off last week, worried about this option and the federal reserve’s unfavorable slump. Technology shares, which saw last week’s biggest sell-off, rebounded on Tuesday, with the Nasdaq 100 rising 2.4 percent. U.S. stocks have jumped into stocks around the world on optimism that the omicron variantContinue Reading

Qatar has approved its budget for fiscal year 2022, Finance Minister Ali Al-Quwari told a news conference on Tuesday.Revenue is expected to be 196 billion rials ($ 53.8 billion), up 22.4 percent from last year’s budget estimate, Asharq said.The budget estimates that the price of oil will be $ 55Continue Reading

The party is not part of the North-South Council of Ministers, which was part of the opposition to the Brexit Northern Ireland protocol. The Supreme Court judge upheld the decision in a legal dispute seeking to force the DUP into the next plenary session of the North-South Council of MinistersContinue Reading

After President Donald Trump announced in October 2020 that the Covid-19 test was positive, his blood oxygen level dropped to “dangerously low” hours later, according to his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows. In a new book about his time at the White House, Meadows wrote that on the morningContinue Reading

US President Joe Biden addresses CEOs of various industries at the White House in Washington on November 29, 2021 to discuss the holiday shopping season. The politics of small businesses are similar in some respects to the politics of most Americans: it has become too partisan. But President Biden’s approvalContinue Reading

MOSCOW (AP) – The Kremlin said on Friday that President Vladimir Putin would demand assurances from Ukraine during talks with US President Joe Biden that NATO would not expand, but Ukraine’s defense minister said Russia could invade its territory next month. he warned.Tensions between Russia and the West have escalatedContinue Reading