MEXICO CITY — Statues of Columbus are being toppled across the Americas, amid fierce debates over the region’s legacy of European conquest and colonialism. Few have been more contentious than the replacement of a monument at the heart of Mexico’s capital, touching on some of the most intense disputes inContinue Reading

ROME — Prato della Valle is the largest public square in Italy, with a canal lined with statues surrounding an artificial island where locals love to stroll, or take in the sun on warmer days. The sculptures depict illustrious historical figures with strong ties to this northern Italian city. AllContinue Reading

The authorities in Hong Kong on Thursday removed a statue that memorialized those killed in the 1989 government massacre of pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing, the latest crackdown on political dissent in the Chinese territory. The 26-foot copper statue, known as the “Pillar of Shame,” was created by the Danish sculptorContinue Reading