KYIV, Ukraine — The Crimean Peninsula dangles off Ukraine’s southern coast like a diamond, blessed with a temperate climate, sandy beaches, lush wheat fields and orchards stuffed with cherries and peaches. It is also a critical staging ground for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Connected via bridge to Russia and servingContinue Reading

The Russian economy contracted steeply in the second quarter as the economic consequences of its war in Ukraine took hold. The economy shrank 4 percent from April through June compared with a year ago, the Russian statistics agency said on Friday. It is the first quarterly gross domestic product reportContinue Reading

BERLIN — Hungary’s main oil conglomerate said on Wednesday that it would pay an outstanding bill owed by Russia’s oil pipeline operator to the Ukrainian authorities, clearing the way for Russian oil deliveries to resume to three Central European countries. Analysts described the financial arrangement as an unexpected boomerang effectContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — In the early phase of the war in Ukraine, shortages of soldiers and problems with equipment forced Russia to narrow its mission, abandon its assault on Kyiv and focus its offensive on the east. Now, as the fighting enters its sixth month, critical manpower and equipment problems couldContinue Reading

MYKOLAIV, Ukraine — A ship loaded with corn on Monday became the first cargo vessel to sail from Ukraine in more than five months of war, passing through Russia’s naval blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports and raising hopes that desperately needed food will soon reach nations afflicted by shortagesContinue Reading