Athletes would not be able to compete under the Russian flag Russian and Belarussian athletes could be free to compete as neutrals at the 2024 Olympics after the International Olympic Committee said it will “explore a pathway” for their participation. The IOC called on federations to exclude athletes from theContinue Reading

The discussions about the proposed lethal aid package are happening as Ukraine has begun to warn publicly that an invasion could happen as soon as January. The package could include new Javelin anti-tank and anti-armor missiles as well as mortars, the sources said. Air defense systems, such as stinger missiles,Continue Reading

A Times review of dozens of death certificates of victims along Yablunska Street shows that a majority were killed by gunfire. In other cases, the bodies were so badly burned that forensic investigators could not determine their cause of death. The death certificate for Mykhailo Romaniuk identifies the cause ofContinue Reading

The successful attack was a critical moment in the war. It dealt an embarrassing blow to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, who presided over the bridge’s opening in 2018, and it underscored Russia’s inability to protect a critical strategic asset and a potent symbol as its only connectionContinue Reading

Russia’s relationship with the world is continuing to evolve rapidly. To assess the global shifts, The Times analyzed years of country-level trade data compiled by the Observatory of Economic Complexity, an online data platform. Because the data is published with a lag, the picture it provides is inherently backward looking.Continue Reading

MOSCOW — Natural gas, already in short supply in Europe this fall, began moving away from Germany on Saturday and back toward the east in an unusual reversal in a major Russian pipeline, Russian media reported. In themselves, the Russian reports were no cause for alarm, and the giant RussianContinue Reading

ABODE OF DAWN, Russia — High on a hilltop bathed in the autumnal colors of pine, birch and larch trees, Aleksei Demidov paused for a few minutes of quiet prayer. He was directing his thoughts to his religious teacher, known as Vissarion, hoping he might feel his energy. As heContinue Reading