CNN  —  Murtaja Qureiris, once considered by lawyers and activists as the youngest political prisoner in Saudi Arabia, was released on Friday, the European Saudi Organization for Human Rights told CNN. His case was first highlighted in an exclusive CNN report published in 2019, which detailed how Saudi authorities arrestedContinue Reading

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — A senior official in Sri Lanka accused of barging into prisons and abusing political prisoners just as the island nation’s government was downplaying concerns about worsening human rights conditions resigned on Wednesday, officials said. The accusations of abuse made against Lohan Ratwatte, the state minister forContinue Reading

LONDON — British law enforcement and elections officials said they will not investigate a major political donation to the Conservative Party that had been flagged as a suspected illegal campaign donation in documents linking it to a Russian bank account. The decision, announced late Thursday, lifts a legal cloud overContinue Reading

Mr. Johnson reacted late to the looming threat of the virus, imposing a lockdown on the country a week after neighboring European countries. That delay, critics argued, made the first wave of the pandemic worse in Britain than elsewhere. In April 2020, with the virus circulating in Downing Street, Mr.Continue Reading

LONDON — When Boris Johnson, Britain’s embattled prime minister, gave a reading from the New Testament at a service in St. Paul’s Cathedral during Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations on Friday, it was a chance for him to step back from domestic political pressures, stride the global stage andContinue Reading

I am a mother of two young children, and I wish I could say that the pain that parents in Uvalde, Texas, feel this morning is unimaginable to me. But the truth is it that although I have never experienced it directly, I have had to imagine that pain manyContinue Reading

JERUSALEM — Israel’s latest government crisis was resolved on Sunday, at least temporarily, when a lawmaker who quit the coalition late last week agreed to return to it, snatching back the tiny majority that its opposition held over the weekend. The coalition, an ideologically diverse alliance of eight parties withContinue Reading