LadBaby is preparing for the fourth British Christmas first in a row – with the help of Ed Sheeran and Elton John. YouTube stars Mark and Roxanne Hoyle have been raising money for the Trussell Trust food bank charity with their sausage roll singles since 2018. This year’s rehearsal isContinue Reading

Russian President Vladimir Putin has hardened his rhetoric about the situation in Ukraine and says the war in the east of the country looks like genocide. Russian-backed rebels have been fighting Ukrainian troops there since 2014, and tensions mount as Russia lines troops at the border. Meanwhile, US President JoeContinue Reading

Taylor Swift faces jury trial accused of stealing lyrics for Shake It Off from another song. A US judge has denied Swift’s motion to dismiss the case, saying a jury may find that her 2014 hit copied the 2001 girl group 3LW’s Playas Gon ‘Play tune. Both tracks contain variationsContinue Reading

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised Saturday to bolster his tank supply over the next three years, boasting that Moscow’s fleet would eventually exceed Ukraine’s by three times. Putin’s comments follow reports of Russia’s mounting tank losses on the battlefield. Putin also told state media station Russia 24 that the KremlinContinue Reading

The Prime Minister’s Press Secretary addressed the staff and presented awards last Christmas at a party on Downing Street that is now being investigated. Jack Doyle, then assistant director of communications, addressed the meeting on December 18 to 20 to 30 people. A source told the BBC that there wasContinue Reading

At least 54 people were killed and numerous others injured after the truck they were being transported in crashed in southern Mexico, authorities say. More than 150 people believed to be migrants from Central America were crammed into the trailer of the truck as it rolled into Chiapas state. PicturesContinue Reading

THE CONVERSATIONMARK GOODALL FILMED in Jan. 1969, the documentary Let It Be follows The Beatles rehearsing and recording songs for their 12th studio album of the same name. It also includes footage of the legendary rooftop concert by the group, which would be their last public performance together. Reaction toContinue Reading

A large financial compensation paid to Sienna Miller through phone hacking “equals” an admission of illegal activity by the Sun, a court heard. In a statement read in court, the actor’s lawyers said they believed the Sun was targeting medical records of her pregnancy, despite the publisher’s denials. A highContinue Reading

Steve Bronski, co-founder and keyboardist of the 1980s pop group Bronski Beat, has died at the age of 61. Bronski, from Glasgow, was born Steve Forrest and formed the group in 1983 with singer Jimmy Somerville and fellow musician Larry Steinbachek. You enjoyed the UK’s top 10 hits with theContinue Reading

U.S. Senators Charles Grassley and Johnny Ernst, elected from the Republican Party of Iowa, voted Wednesday to pass a Senate resolution repealing President Joe Biden’s vaccine or test mandate for private employers.The resolution was approved by two Democrats, Senator John Tester of Montana and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.Federal courtsContinue Reading