BERLIN — When Angela Merkel became chancellor 16 years ago, George W. Bush was in the White House and Tony Blair was prime minister of Britain. There was no Twitter and no iPhone. Liberal democracy was in seemingly irreversible expansion, with the Orange Revolution having swept Ukraine. On Wednesday, asContinue Reading

NPR’s Sarah McCammon speaks with author Kati Marton about her biography of Angela Merkel, The Chancellor, and what the politician’s departure means for Germany and the world. (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED NPR BROADCAST) SARAH MCCAMMON: It seems as though Angela Merkel has been the leader of Germany forever, and in fact,Continue Reading

BERLIN — When Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany meets President Biden at the Group of 20 summit in Rome this weekend, she won’t come alone: Tagging along will be her likely successor, Olaf Scholz. The buddy act between an outgoing center-right chancellor and an incoming center-left one is striking evenContinue Reading

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2011 visiting the laboratory for chemical engineering at the chemical plant of the Dow Olefinverbund GmbH in Schkopau, near Merseburg, eastern Germany. AFP | AFP | Getty Images It’s hard to believe now that Germany, Europe’s biggest and most successful economy, was known as theContinue Reading

Olaf Scholz, Finance Minister and SPD candidate for Chancellor after addressing his supporters after German parliament election at the Social Democratic Party, SPD, headquarters in Berlin, Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021. Michael Sohn/AP hide caption toggle caption Michael Sohn/AP Olaf Scholz, Finance Minister and SPD candidate for Chancellor after addressing hisContinue Reading

As Germany heads into an election that will see Angela Merkel step down after 16 years as chancellor, she leaves behind a country profoundly changed — and anxious about changing more. By Katrin Bennhold Photographs by Lena Mucha STUTTGART, Germany — The small silver star at the tip of AleksandarContinue Reading