Sharbat Gula, who became an international symbol of war-torn Afghanistan after her portrait at a refugee camp was published on the cover of National Geographic magazine in 1985, was evacuated to Rome after her country fell to the Taliban, the Italian government said Thursday. Ever since the U.S. pulled outContinue Reading

In this file photo from 2016, a bookshop owner in Pakistan shows a National Geographic magazine with the cover photograph of Afghan refugee woman Sharbat Gula. She arrived in Italy as part of the West’s evacuation of Afghans following the Taliban takeover of the country, the Italian government said Thursday.Continue Reading

An old mental hospital sits in Trieste’s San Giovanni Park. The facility closed over 40 years ago, but its ocher pavilions are filled with activity. Sylvia Poggioli/NPR hide caption toggle caption Sylvia Poggioli/NPR An old mental hospital sits in Trieste’s San Giovanni Park. The facility closed over 40 years ago,Continue Reading

ROME — Trying to stem a resurgence in coronavirus infections and prevent closures affecting everyone, Italy announced new restrictions for the unvaccinated on Wednesday, barring them from dining indoors in restaurants and bars; attending shows, sport events and public ceremonies; and entering nightclubs. “We want to be very cautious,” PrimeContinue Reading

ROME — An Italian judge on Tuesday released the only person definitively convicted of the 2007 murder of the 21-year-old British student Meredith Kercher, a polarizing case that is still hotly debated both inside and outside the country. Rudy Guede was freed after completing 13 years of his 16-year sentenceContinue Reading

It’s Never Too Late” is a series that tells the stories of people who decide to pursue their dreams on their own terms. In 1978, when Holly Herrmann was 20, she flew to Bolzano, Italy, a scenic city in the foothills of the Tyrolean Alps, to compete in the FerruccioContinue Reading