BERLIN — When Sebastian Kurz first became chancellor of Austria the whole of Europe sat up. Only 31, he had turned around the fortunes of his ailing conservative party and almost overnight become a role model for struggling center-right leaders elsewhere on the Continent. Four years later, Mr. Kurz hasContinue Reading

The European BepiColombo mission had its first encounter with Mercury, the innermost planet of the solar system. The probe soared just 200 km above the surface of the small world before heading back out into space. The controllers are planning another five such flybys, each time using Mercury’s gravity tugContinue Reading

PARIS — For France’s venerable Socialist Party, languishing at 4 percent support ahead of next year’s presidential elections, news of a surprise win last Sunday by its center-left counterpart in Germany offered a glimmer of hope. The slim victory by Olaf Scholz and Germany’s Social Democratic Party, along with theContinue Reading

LONDON — International leaders need to talk to China and convince the nation to implement concrete steps toward de-carbonization, the EU’s climate chief told CNBC Tuesday ahead the COP26 climate summit in November. China announced earlier this month that it would stop building new coal-fired power projects overseas. The nationContinue Reading