MADRID — In a letter to Mexican bishops last month, Pope Francis called for a revisiting of the country’s history, especially the role of the Roman Catholic Church, and urged clergy members to “recognize the painful errors committed in the past.” Yet it wasn’t in Mexico where his remarks drewContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — The sunrise missile strike that shredded the leader of Al Qaeda on the balcony of a house in Kabul finally validated President Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan. Or perhaps the strike discredited it. Or maybe some combination of both. The coming anniversary of the chaotic American withdrawalContinue Reading

Kono said energy conservation, minimizing fossil fuel and bolstering renewables were his main strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. If that’s insufficient, safely restarting nuclear reactors is unavoidable, he said. Kono said the nuclear industry doesn’t have much future, and supported phasing out nuclear plants. He opposes Japan’s insistenceContinue Reading

Placeholder while article actions load SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The end of constitutional protections for abortions in the United States on Friday polarized activists around the world, emboldening abortion opponents even as advocates of abortion rights worried it could threaten recent moves toward legalization in their countries. The U.S.Continue Reading