US rapper Travis Scott is facing legal action after at least eight people were killed and hundreds injured in a crush at his Texas festival Astroworld. One injured concertgoer has accused Scott and surprise performer Drake of inciting the crowd, and is seeking $1m (£741,000) in damages. Neither have commentedContinue Reading

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Armed clashes between sectarian militias transformed Beirut neighborhoods into a deadly war zone on Thursday, raising fears that violence could fill the void left by the near-collapse of the Lebanese state. Rival gunmen, chanting in support of their leaders, hid behind cars and dumpsters to fire automaticContinue Reading

The findings, announced by Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Sunday, come just a few weeks after the International Criminal Court (ICC) approved a formal investigation into thousands of state killings of alleged drug dealers since Duterte took office in 2016. The government had said it will not cooperate with anContinue Reading

Demonstrations against rising prices in the West African nation of Sierra Leone turned deadly this week, the country’s authorities said on Friday, as long-simmering economic grievances compounded by the global food crisis erupted into street clashes. Female street vendors who last month staged peaceful gatherings against the soaring cost ofContinue Reading

A blast at a detention camp in eastern Ukraine killed at least 50 Ukrainian prisoners of war. The attack has enraged Ukrainians, who call it a war crime. Russia said, without offering evidence, that a Ukrainian missile strike caused the explosion. Here is what we know about the blast, itsContinue Reading

KARACHI, Pakistan — Year after year in Kausar Niazi Colony, a slum in the port city of Karachi, Murtaza Hussain and his neighbors watched as monsoon rains flooded into their homes, damaging furniture, televisions and other precious valuables. So when particularly heavy monsoon rains began drenching Karachi earlier this month,Continue Reading