Northern Island’s health minister has sued Van Morrison, who has said the minister’s handling of Covid-19 restrictions was “very dangerous.” Paul Tweed, the lawyer for the health minister, Robin Swann, confirmed on Monday that a lawsuit had been filed. “Legal proceedings are now at an advanced stage, with an anticipatedContinue Reading

Bill Richardson, the American ex-diplomat, has made numerous trips to Myanmar since the 1990s. He has negotiated with the generals who ruled it, then and now. He has been an ally and later a critic of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, its most popular politician, who is once again aContinue Reading

The European Handball Federation had said the shorts were “improper clothing” in the statement announcing the 1,500 euro (around $1,735) fine — 150 euros ($173) per player. At the time, the team’s coach Eskil Berg Andreassen told CNN that the uniform regulations could discourage women from playing the sport, andContinue Reading

Critics of Saudi Arabia’s heavy handed maneuvering accused the kingdom of taking potshots at already wounded Lebanon. “When a nonentity minister in Lebanon says something vaguely critical of Saudi Arabia, they overreact and engage in collective punishment, because Lebanon is weak and poor and it is easy to kick aContinue Reading

Abbott told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show on Thursday night that 6,500 National Guard members and state troops are at the border in Texas. Governor Greg Abbott has accused the United States of failing to mobilize enough troops to stem the rise in immigration on the Texas-Mexico border. Speaking atContinue Reading

WASHINGTON — Former Vice President Mike Pence turned up in Hungary last month to speak to a conference on conservative social values hosted by the far-right government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Jeff Sessions, the former attorney general, was another recent visitor. Tucker Carlson did his Fox News show fromContinue Reading

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia — President Biden exchanged the shaken fist for a fist bump on Friday as he abandoned his promise to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah” and sat down with the crown prince he deemed responsible for the grisly killing and dismemberment of a columnist who lived in theContinue Reading