Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok on Friday unveiled a roadmap to end the “worst and most dangerous” crisis between the country’s government, political and military components, news agencies reported. Speaking on state television, Hamdok said: “The coup attempt has opened the door to conflict, hidden arguments and accusations from allContinue Reading

Weekly grocery bills can equal months of a typical family’s income. Banks are refusing to let people withdraw money. Basic medicines are often unavailable, and gas-station lines can last hours. Every day, many homes lack electricity. Lebanon is enduring a humanitarian catastrophe created by a financial meltdown. The World BankContinue Reading

After a brutal summer surge, driven by the highly contagious Delta variant, the coronavirus is again in retreat. The United States is recording roughly 90,000 new infections a day, down more than 40 percent since August. Hospitalizations and deaths are falling, too. The crisis is not over everywhere — theContinue Reading

The skeletons move across a barren landscape toward the few helpless and terrified people still living. The scene, imagined in a mid-16th-century painting, “The Triumph of Death” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, illuminated the psychic impact of the bubonic plague. It was a terror that lingered even as the diseaseContinue Reading

Average fuel sales and deliveries per gas station On Sept. 24, fuel sales spiked to almost twice the previous Friday’s total as shortages at some gas stations became front page news. Fuel deliveries increased a few days later, but they came too late to avert a crisis. Typical pattern ofContinue Reading

Written by ReutersGresik, Indonesia Environmentalists in Indonesia keen to send a message about the world’s worsening ocean plastics crisis have created a museum made entirely from plastics, to convince people to rethink their habits and say no to single-use bags and bottles. The outdoor exhibition in the town of GresikContinue Reading