KYIV, Ukraine — The Crimean Peninsula dangles off Ukraine’s southern coast like a diamond, blessed with a temperate climate, sandy beaches, lush wheat fields and orchards stuffed with cherries and peaches. It is also a critical staging ground for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Connected via bridge to Russia and servingContinue Reading

VINNYTSIA, Ukraine — As Russian troops pressed their offensive in Ukraine’s east, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy fired his state security chief and prosecutor general on Sunday, citing hundreds of criminal proceedings into treason and collaboration by people within their departments and other law enforcement agencies. “In particular, more than 60Continue Reading

Russian forces have restored a piece of Ukrainian infrastructure vital to the “land bridge” that Moscow seeks to establish linking Russian territory to the Crimean Peninsula: a canal that supplies water from southern Ukraine to the peninsula, according to satellite images and a statement on Tuesday by the Kremlin’s defenseContinue Reading