BRESCIA, Italy — With a week to go before his first solo exhibition, the Chinese-Australian artist Badiucao was in head-down work mode: installing the show during the day, and sharpening hundreds of pencils with a knife at night. Set closely together, the pencils — 3,724 in all — were partContinue Reading

Senior officials on Thursday approved a resolution on the party’s “major achievements and historic experiences” since its founding 100 years ago, placing Xi on the same pedestal as the nation’s founding father Mao Zedong and reformist leader Deng Xiaoping, who unleashed an economic boom that turned China into the world’sContinue Reading

BEIJING: In just 10 days after the meeting and official announcement, Chinese regulators nearly halved last month’s rise in domestic prices for thermal coal, the world’s second-largest energy source.Many of Beijing’s measures have highlighted the scope and some limitations of regulatory capacity, but the country is still struggling to keepContinue Reading

The draft “is not the decisive language that this moment calls for,” said Aubrey Webson, chairman of the Alliance of Small Island States, a group of countries that are among those most threatened by climate change. Scientists have said that nations need to cut global emissions from fossil fuels roughlyContinue Reading

new video loaded: U.S. and China Reach Joint Agreement to Cut Emissions transcript Back transcript U.S. and China Reach Joint Agreement to Cut Emissions The United States and China, the world’s two largest emitters of planet-warming greenhouse gases, announced a joint agreement at the COP26 United Nations climate summit inContinue Reading

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum said in a report issued on Tuesday that China had escalated its crimes against the Muslim community of Uyghurs in the northwestern region of Xinjiang and that it was “gravely concerned” that the government “may be committing genocide.” The report, “‘To Make Us Slowly Disappear’:Continue Reading

new video loaded: U.S. Calls for Release of Detained Chinese Citizen Journalist transcript Back transcript U.S. Calls for Release of Detained Chinese Citizen Journalist The U.S. State Department urged China to release Zhang Zhan, who was prosecuted for documenting the country’s coronavirus crisis. Ms. Zhang’s family and friends said sheContinue Reading

Vehicles drive by unfinished residential buildings from the Evergrande Oasis, a housing complex developed by Evergrande Group, in Luoyang, China September 16, 2021. Carlos Garcia Rawlins | Reuters The debt problems facing China’s property sector are likely to cause a period of stagnation which affects both the domestic and globalContinue Reading