The Taliban’s takeover ended decades of war. But their restrictions, and the economic fallout, threw many women into a new era of diminished hopes. Zulaikha, 25, went into hiding after the Taliban seized power “There is no income, no job opportunities for me. I don’t know how I’m going toContinue Reading

CNN  —  Nearly two years after US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Mexico is seeing a small but unusual spike in Afghan migrants who are seeking asylum or traversing through the country. In January 2023, nearly 13,000 people registered applications for asylum in Mexico.Continue Reading

The statement comes after a report was released by Human Rights Watch on Tuesday alleging more than a hundred former Afghan security forces had been killed or forcibly disappeared by the Taliban since their surrender in late summer. The report, based on interviews with witnesses, relatives and friends of theContinue Reading

SHAH WALI KOT, Afghanistan — One by one, women poured into the mud brick clinic, the frames of famished children peeking out beneath the folds of their pale gray, blue and pink burqas. Many had walked for more than an hour across this drab stretch of southern Afghanistan, where parchedContinue Reading