Sun, sea, sex and scandal on the European party island – Let’s See Todays News Updates

The French Minister of Education is drowning in hot water due to the island holiday, but who will wait for the charm of Ibiza?

“Go back to Ibiza! And stay there!” The slogan was addressed to the French Minister of Education

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Do I have to wear a mask at a bubble party? Politicians are asking.
The island of Ibiza (Pre-Man Island), a European party island, is back on the news, as another politician opposed its charm and sunshine, didn’t buy one and get one free vote on a fiery sambuca.
The French Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanker, presented a plan for the epidemic of college schools in Wilfranche-sur-Mer. No, wait, it’s wrong. From his office? Wrong again. It’s – and you’re ahead of me here – Ibiza.
Blanker “worked remotely with his team,” government spokesman Gabriel Attal said, adding that he had been “personally on the island for four days.” A quick Google search shows that Ibiza does not have a nightclub called Private Capacity, but there is a club called Privilege.
In Austria, where the first government, led by Sebastian Kurz, was overthrown, but not the last, the scandal, of course, Ibiza has its own position on political inadequacy.
You may recall that Heinz-Christian Strache, the far-right leader of Ibiza Gate and a partner of the Kurz minority coalition, tried to change the state contract with a party donation from a woman who believed she was the wealthy granddaughter of a Russian oligarch. To be fair to Strahe, those who did not try to change the state contract with party donations should throw the first stone at a woman who believed she was the wealthy granddaughter of a Russian oligarch.
It is difficult to predict the next political scandal in Ibiza. Who am I playing, of course not. If we wait three or maybe four days, will Boris Johnson, his wife, all his halls, and Tori-supporting pop star Gary Barlow be filmed? – Coming to Ibiza is inevitable, and Johnson will say that he did not understand that the bubble party is not a job, but a real party.
As Johnson seeks to shift the blame for the Prime Minister’s “Big Dog Rescue” operation, vice presidents are set to arrive in the UK soon. This is a nickname for Johnson, who forbids him from entering Downing Street furniture if he defiles himself.
But this is not the best nickname for the British Prime Minister, as it is the nickname of August FitzRoy, who served as Prime Minister from 1768 to 1770, “Pasta in Poetry” or “God’s Only Mistake” – four nicknames for Prime Minister William Gladstone. . Between 1868 and 1894.
Another former prime minister, David Cameron, was criticized in 2013 for taking a vacation from his best nickname, “Hameron,” for saying that he put his penis in the mouth of a dead pig when he was a student. Ibiza. .


“The initiative of the German government to” bring my grandfather to work “was only partially successful.

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Blinken and the German chancellor discussed the crisis in Ukraine and China’s challenges

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Thursday to discuss the crisis in Ukraine and the challenges facing China.
“The Chancellor and the Secretaries of State reaffirmed their joint commitment to the full support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to the grave consequences of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine,” State Department spokeswoman Ned Price said in a statement. he said.
“They also discussed the challenges facing China and our joint decision to uphold common values,” he added.
The two officials also added that an agreement needs to be reached on the reciprocal return of the Iranian nuclear deal to the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan.
The United States and its allies have accused Russia of preparing to invade Ukraine, Russia’s Sputnik news agency reported.
However, Russia has repeatedly denied Western allegations and said it has no plans to take military action against any country.

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