Stricter sanctions should be imposed on “immoral” politicians – Let’s See Todays News Updates

The study of the rules and systems governing civil service ethics is the largest in recent years.

Boris Johnson has found evidence of harassment of public officials, but has refused to fire Interior Minister Priti Patel.

The Anti-Corruption Agency’s inspections called for drastic reforms, saying “immoral” politicians should be severely punished, such as apologizing, fines, and resigning.
The investigation into Lord Evans Verdeil, chairman of the Public Standards Committee, follows former Prime Minister David Cameron after the Greensill scandal, in which a private lobbyist tried to secure access to a coronavirus emergency loan scheme but escaped punishment. Before Greensill collapsed.
Mr Cameron has not been punished for being a company employee, but he will be punished under the new amendment.
The study of the rules and systems governing civil service ethics is the largest in recent years.

David Cameron has lobbied ministers privately to gain access to a coronavirus emergency loan scheme for Greensill.

According to the Community Standards Report, MPs and ministers need to focus on four areas of public opinion polls and focus group research that are “poor ethical standards”.
These include: the need for more independent regulation of ministerial law; Expand the scope of the business entity’s appointment procedure and ensure the implementation of the procedure through legal regulation; Reform of the commissioner in charge of state appointment; In order to ensure transparency in lobbying, the Cabinet Secretariat needs better coordination and more consistent publication.
Lord Evans, a former director of MI5, said: “Government ethics regulations have received a lot of attention and criticism in recent months. Maintaining high standards requires vigilance and leadership.
“We believe that our recommendations set out a program of reforms necessary to restore public confidence in the regulation of government ethics.”
Last year, Sir Alex Allan resigned as Boris Johnson’s ethics adviser, but the Home Secretary refused to fire Priti Patel, despite allegations that he harassed government officials and violated ministerial rules.
According to Lord Evans’ plan, the adviser will have the power to initiate an investigation and “determine” the breach.
Some of the sanctions the prime minister could impose include an apology, fines, and a call for the minister’s resignation.

Under the reform, lobbying could be banned for up to five years if an official in the Business Appointments Advisory Committee (ACOBA) or a government department has played a particularly high role, or if privileged information with which communication has been established or received remains. applies after two years (current maximum ban).
The report added that the government should also specify the consequences of breach of contract: “Possible sanctions include a ban on certain business appointments and a ban on recalling certain positions. From the owner’s pension or employment. severance pay.

Angela Reiner, vice chairman of the Labor Party

Angela Rainer, vice-leader of the Labor Party, welcomed the report, saying:
“It is clear that ministerial laws, lobbying rules, business appointments, government appointments and the system that must ensure transparency do not serve their purpose. It is time for ministers to ignore the rules and radically reform the system.
“Labor will renew this broken system, create an independent Committee on Justice and Ethics, clean up our politics, and restore standard and fairness in public life.”
Daniel Bruce, chief executive of Transparency International in the UK, who testified in the investigation, also praised the investigation, saying “it is the responsibility of the prime minister to implement these important but sensible reforms in a timely manner”.
A spokesman for the Cabinet Secretariat said: “The government is committed to constantly strengthening high moral standards in public life in order to build public trust and confidence in all levels of government.
“We will look closely at the work of the Community Standards Committee, along with recommendations from Nigel Bordman and other forthcoming reports on similar topics.
“We will make a complete reform of the parliament in a timely manner.”

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