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South Korea launched its first homemade rocket, adding to the country’s ambitions in space.

The Korean satellite launcher II, known as Nuri, was launched from Goheung, which is 500 km south of Seoul. It put a 1.5 ton dummy satellite into orbit.

South Korea is the seventh country to successfully launch a missile into space.

But it also comes when an arms race between North and South Korea heats up. Both have recently tested new weapons.

Nuri cost South Korea an estimated 2 trillion won (£ 1.23 billion or $ 1.6 billion) to develop. It weighs 200 tons and is 47.2 meters long and has six liquid fuel engines.

On Thursday, it went into a cloud of smoke upward. One television commentator said, “It looks like it’s going to go up to the sky with no problem ..”

South Korea plans to make four more launches of the Nuri by 2027 to increase reliability, according to the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), which is overseeing the launch.

While South Korea is considered a technological powerhouse, it is lagging behind other countries in developing space exploration.

Earlier attempts by Seoul to launch a missile in 2009 and 2010 failed, with the second exploding minutes after launch.

South Korea will send a probe to the moon by 2030.

arms race
While South Korea intends to use Nuri to launch satellites, the test has also been seen as part of the country’s ongoing ramp-up of weapons development. Ballistic missiles and space missiles use similar technology.

South Korea recently tested a missile launched from a submarine. It is also hosting what is believed to be the largest defense exhibition ever this week, which is reportedly showcasing a new fighter jet and guided missiles like missiles.

Meanwhile, North Korea is conducting a spate of weapons tests. In the past few weeks, it has launched hypersonic and long-range weapons.

North Korea launched its own submarine missile into the Sea of ​​Japan earlier this week.

Some of these tests by Pyongyang violate international sanctions as the UN prohibits testing of ballistic and nuclear weapons.

North Korea also recently hosted its own defense exhibition showcasing its military equipment including tanks and missiles.

In Asia, China, Japan, and India all have advanced space programs. Private companies like SpaceX by Elon Musk and Blue Origin by Jeff Bezos are also increasingly involved in rocket launches.

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