Smollett to face trial for fabricated racially motivated assault – Let’s See Todays News Updates

CHICAGO (AP) – A famous actor took to the streets and warned that despite his fame and fortune, there are still places where his race and sexual orientation pose a threat to him.
This was the story that sparked a worldwide scandal after Chicago police reported that black, apparently homosexual actress Jussie Smallt was the victim of a hate crime.
Almost three years later, Smollett will be tried for organizing the whole event.
He was charged with disorderly conduct after law enforcement and prosecutors told police he lied about what happened in downtown Chicago on the morning of Jan. 29, 2019. He has pleaded not guilty. The selection of judges is set to begin on Monday. Chaos and disorderly conduct are punishable by up to three years in prison, but experts say if convicted, Smollett is likely to be sentenced to probation and possibly community service.
Smollett told police that at 2:00 a.m., as he was walking home from a subway sandwich shop, two men who had appeared on the “Empire” TV show recognized him and began using racist and hate speech. He said people beat him, put a temporary noose around his neck and shouted, “This is the MAGA country,” in line with then-President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Let’s make America great again.”
His response to the attack highlighted the growing political situation; Democrats and others have called it a shocking example of Trump’s hatred and animosity, while Republicans are quick to accuse Liberals of discriminating against presidential supporters.
A few weeks later came the shocking news that Smollett was accused of assault, career advancement and high pay. Police say he hired two Nigerian brothers to pretend to attack him for $ 3,500.
This drew Smollett’s attention, but this time he was insulted for wanting to use one of the strongest symbols of racism in the United States to advance his career.
“If it’s true, the ugliest and most shocking part is the loophole,” Black Judge John Fitzgerald Like Smollett told the court for the first time. “This symbol is reminiscent of such evil in the history of this country.”
Smollett also became a national strike line. He was the subject of a “Saturday Night Live” that black stars, from NBA expert Charles Barkley to comedian Dave Chapell, took turns teasing him.
Then came the rage that Smollett’s fame had affected him, which is impossible for most people. Cook District Attorney Kim Fox said he contacted a member of the Smollett family at the beginning of the investigation at the request of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff. Fox dropped the case, and then his office abruptly dropped the sentence, and Fox denied allegations that his office had given the TV star a break, sparking a media frenzy.
All of this laid the groundwork for turning Smollett’s simple question of innocence into a complex legal tale that lasted for almost three years.

Cases across the country have been stalled for months due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which has been partially delayed. However, a criminal case was opened, dismissed, and reopened by a special prosecutor who was brought in to investigate the case.
Smollett, whose career has faded, will be in the media spotlight again this week, but this time he’s on his way to court and back through the news camera forest.
The producers of his four-year film “Empire” extended his contract in 2019 in the sixth or final season, but he did not play in any class. He also did not produce any music or perform important music.

However, he has directed an independent film funded by his own production company, which opens at the American Black Film Festival this month. “B-Boy Blues” is the first film in a 1994 series about the lives of gay black men in New York.
But in court, a short film may sound like a bad movie for the simple reason that the authorities have been trying to make Smollett for a long time.
The main witnesses are brothers Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo, and Smollett said he wrote a check to organize the attack. They are expected to identify Smollett as the star and director of the “attack” in front of the surveillance camera, who mistakenly believe that he will cover the whole event.
According to the lawyer, the Smollett brothers will also explain how they were taken to the “dressing room”.
Their lawyer, Gloria Rodriguez, said, “He told them, ‘Here’s the camera, there’s the camera, you’re going to get out of here.’

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