Rittenhaus’s decision put Biden in a difficult political position – Let’s See Todays News Updates

The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhaus may have betrayed President Joe Biden’s difficult political climate.
Biden faced a decline in the number of polls with voters exhausted by the coronavirus epidemic and rising inflation. Democrats now angry at the president, and some already questioned Biden’s inability to enforce police reform and suffrage laws, and Republicans want to use the Rittenhouse case to exploit national divisions over grievances and race.
“This is one of the last things Biden wants to participate in as he completes a major bill to make construction better and tries to get it to the finish line through the Senate,” said Christopher Borick, director of Mullenberg College. Institute of Public Opinion. “Rice and Kyle Rittenhouse is not the space he wants or needs to go deep into right now.”
The acquittal of Rittenhaus sparked a new wave of racist justice, vigilance, and police in America. An Illinois teenager was armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle a few days after a white police officer shot a black man during a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August 2020. He said he had come to the small town to protect many cars from vandals and provide medical care.
Rittenhaus eventually shot two people and maimed a third man. Rittenhaus and his lawyers successfully testified that he defended himself during the conflict, which he feared would kill him.
The decision comes at a time when Biden is trying to focus on his fellow Democrats in the passage of the Social Welfare and Climate Bill and to reverse relations with Americans who have negatively impacted his presidency.
The president responded carefully after Friday’s ruling, saying he respected the jury’s decision. He later said in a written statement that, like many Americans, the jury that acquitted Rittenhaus was “angry and worried.”
Meanwhile, Republicans, who have been somewhat successful in this month’s Virginia election, accusing Democrats of promoting race theory in public schools, are welcoming 18-year-old Rittenhaus as the newest hero of the American Cultural War.
Paul Gosar of Arizona GOP and Matt Gaetz of Florida have expressed interest in hiring him as an intern, and Gosar has offered a handshake to honor him. Another Republican, Colorado MP Lauren Bobert, predicted in a Rittenhaus court hearing on Saturday that the liberal ideology would benefit her party.
“The Liberals seem to want to make it illegal to defend themselves,” Bobert tweeted. “Try running on it in 2022, and most healthy Americans will see how far it takes you.”
Following the court ruling, former President Donald Trump immediately stopped with Rittenhaus. He called the teenager “brave” for defending himself and accused the leftists of trying to “hate” Rittenhaus.
Trump has spent most of his presidency cracking down on Biden and critics of Republicans who are not firmly on his list. Most Republicans follow his lead, either silently or directly.
After his atonement, Republicans highlighted Biden’s tweet, which he won during his 2020 presidential campaign, and described Rittenhaus as a “white supremacist.”
A September 2020 tweet criticized Trump for “failing to dismiss white-collar workers on stage” the night before, including a still image of Rittenhouse and a video of white-collar workers holding torches on the night of Kenosha’s shooting. In 2017, during the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton and Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel were among the party leaders who called for Biden to apologize.
“He collected political points from teenagers and spread false information about the case,” McDaniel wrote on Twitter. “What Biden did was dangerous and inflammatory.”
Shortly after the verdict, Biden was asked if he was in line with what he had published in the media about his campaign, to which he replied, “I support the jury’s conclusion.”


Borik, a pollster at Muhlenberg College, said this month’s Virginia election results show that driving on cultural issues such as race and transgender rights could be a good strategy for Republicans trying to mobilize a Trump-loving electorate. Other DP members are not well received. But Borik warns that embracing GOP Rittenhouse is not risky.
“If you’re innocent of the decision to acquit Rittenhouse because of the situation, but you’re trying to reach out to suburban voters and educated voters who are uncomfortable capturing him, I don’t know if it’s a really nice place. He’s a hero,” Borik said.
Even before the court ruling, Biden was under pressure from some Democrats over his lack of progress in enacting suffrage and police reform legislation.
One day after the Senate Republicans submitted their second major referendum bill this year last month, Biden acknowledged that the governance process could be “frustrating, and sometimes frustrating,” and urged supporters to “keep their faith.”
Civil rights leaders, meanwhile, have expressed frustration that Biden did not use force to pass a police reform bill in the name of George Floyd, a black man who was assassinated by police last year. USA
Earlier this week, during a ceremony to sign three bills to increase police assistance, Biden referred to the George Floyd Act and called on lawmakers from both parties to work together to make it a law.

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