Representative Morgan has been widely criticized, but supports a viral tweet about a breakup with a friend – Let’s See Todays News Updates

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – State spokeswoman Patricia Morgan was next to a controversial tweet she sent early Tuesday that sparked a rift with a friend over her teaching of racism issues in schools.
“I had a black friend,” Morgan wrote on Twitter. “I think he liked me and I liked him too. But now he was hostile and unpleasant. I’m sure I didn’t do anything to her but be white. Is this what our teachers and political leaders really want in our society? Is it different from our skin color? #CRT. ”
CRT is an acronym for “critical race theory,” a scientific concept that studies American history and society through systematic racism. The term is controversial, but critics have used it as an abbreviation for the K-12 educational concept, arguing that it overemphasizes racial divisions.
Morgan is one of the most popular Republicans in Rhode Island, and the GOP is a state with a small percentage of legislators and registered voters. He previously served as a minority speaker in the House of Representatives, and the party wanted to run for office in 2018, but failed.
Morgan’s tweet, released just after 10 a.m., quickly caught the country’s attention, with more than 3,000 citations to other Twitter accounts in six hours. In an interview, Morgan said he suspects Twitter’s algorithm has increased texting.
“I’m wondering about the mechanism behind it,” Morgan said. “We know that Twitter can block, tweet, and resize your tweets.… Very few Rhode Islanders comment on this, but I’m sure they’re getting a lot from California, New York, Oregon, and Washington.”
“I’m usually lucky when 20 people notice my tweet,” he said. “Then why did Patricia Arquette take my little tweet from Rhode Island?”
(Oscar-winning actress Arkett Morgan, who has about 541,000 followers on Twitter, responded by tweeting, “You just divided the country with your tweets. Are you so stupid?”
Locally, Morgan has been widely criticized for his tweets throughout the day. BLM RI PAC, the political wing of the Black Life movement in Rhode Island, has called on Democrat House Speaker Joe Shekarch to oust him from the RIA House of Representatives.

PAC leaders said, “This comment is insulting and deeply insulting to the Black and Brown community.” “If Representative Patricia Morgan had truly believed that we should not be discriminated against, we would not have made such a divisive comment, along with many similar comments we have made in the past.”
Democrat nominee for secretary of state Nellie Gorbia was among those who responded via Twitter.
“The strength of our country is our diversity,” he said. @PatriciaMorgan was a minority leader in RI House, and his comments are stupid and embarrassing, “Gorbea wrote.” Rhode Island has a right to have leaders who unite people without dividing us. “
Morgan declined to name the friend he mentioned on Twitter, saying “it would be unfair,” but said he recently met at a Christmas party. “It was cold there,” he said. Morgan hasn’t spoken to the man since, and said he “probably didn’t even know about the tweet.”
“No, I have more than one black friend,” Morgan added.
More broadly, the lawmaker said he did not pay attention to his tweets and expressed his sincere views.
“I regret that there are so many people in our society today who don’t think it’s sad, who think it’s a reason to criticize me, because I regret that our country is being dragged back into a racial struggle instead of a real search,” he said. ways to solve the problem, ”he said.

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