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Bringing real, engaged readers and customers to your website can be a chore, requiring multiple tools, professional design and marketing skills or lots of money. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce that starting today anyone with a WordPress blog can advertise on and Tumblr in just a few clicks. How? By turning your existing content into beautiful ads that run across our existing network of millions of blogs.

How it works

If your website is hosted on, then head to, select your website and you will see a list of recent posts and pages to promote.

Alternatively, when viewing posts or pages in your dashboard, click the “three dots” menu and click “Promote Post” (or Page).

Now you’ll be in the “Promoted Content Wizard”:

Step 1. Design your ad. The wizard automatically formats your content into a beautiful ad, but of course, you can adjust the image and text to your heart’s content.

Step 2. Select your audience. Want to target the whole world? Just people in certain areas? Blogs with content in a certain category? (Movies, Sports, etc). As you adjust these settings, you’ll see our estimate of how many people you’ll reach.

Step 3. Select your dates and set your budget. Run your ad for 6 months or for just a few days – it’s up to you.

Finish and pay. Now enjoy industry-leading ad prices across millions of blogs, backed by our class-leading brand safety system backed by Verity and Grapeshot

Once your ad is running, you can check to see how it’s doing in the “campaigns” tab of the advertising page where you started your campaign.

Remember, you’ll only pay for what you get because our campaigns are billed weekly based on how many times your ad is shown. As always, you can find even more details about this tool on our support page.

Let us know what you think!

We’re eager to get feedback ? If you have any questions about the tool, challenges while using it, or ideas to make it better, please share them with our team. We’ll make sure a real person reads through all of the feedback, and we’ll be working tirelessly to make sure that this tool is something valuable for you.

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