Politicians are calling for Hsia’s pension to be cut – Let’s See Todays News Updates

“TRAITOR”: Retired General Xia Ying Chou, who claimed that China had the right to fly jets around Taiwan, should receive his pension from the PLA, the New Power Party said.
Retired Air Force General Xia Ying Chou (夏 瀛洲) called on the government to consider revoking the pension after China announced it had the right to send fighter jets to Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone (ADIZ).
In an interview with China’s state-run Global Times on Friday, Xia said “Beijing has every right to send fighter jets to Taiwan’s air defense zone because it is part of China’s territory.”
China has sent military aircraft to the southwestern part of Taiwan’s ADIZ over the past year, sending about 150 military aircraft in four days early last month.

Chiu Tai-san, Minister of the Mainland Relations Council, answered reporters’ questions about retired Air Force General Xia Ying Chou in the entrance hall of the Yuan Legislative Chamber in Taipei yesterday.

Sixteen Chinese fighter jets entered on Saturday and four on Sunday, according to the Ministry of National Defense.
Xia’s comments caused a stir, with many netizens denouncing her allegiance to China, calling Taiwan a Chinese province, and calling for the abolition of taxpayers’ pensions.
Jerry Liu, a former diplomat and head of the International Relations Department of the New Power Party, said in a statement that “Xia should return all his pensions to the government and receive a pension from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) instead.”
“It’s a shame … How many of these Chinese-influenced generals and military officials are in our armed forces?” “They hid their loyalty during their military service, but they showed their true loyalty when they retired.”
The ministry declined to comment on Xia’s remarks on Sunday, saying it would focus on national security.
“China has not renounced its choice of military aggression against Taiwan,” the statement said. Our armed forces are constantly vigilant day and night to protect our national airspace, land and sea areas, and are actively training, specializing in new weapons systems. “


Liu Shih-fang (劉世芳), chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party’s legislature, said the ministry and the Council of Elders should discuss abolishing the pensions of Xia and other military retirees who follow Beijing’s standards.
DP lawmaker Tsai Shih-in (蔡 適應) said prosecutors should investigate whether Shia’s remarks violated the Anti-Leakage Law (反滲透 法), which aims to limit China’s influence in Taiwanese politics.
Tea said the ministry’s response to Hsia’s explanation was “too weak.”
Media commentator Hu Wenhui (胡文輝) called Xia a “traitor who joins the enemy.”
“Hsia is urging people to surrender to China … He is working with a Chinese propaganda machine to wage a cognitive war to destroy Taiwan from within,” Hu said.
Taiwanese should condemn Chiu Tai-san (邱太三) Xia’s remarks as “unwise and inappropriate.”
However, he declined to comment on whether to cancel Shia’s pension, saying only the government would make a decision in accordance with the law.
This is not the first time that Xia has made a statement in support of China.
During a visit to China in 2011, he told a gathering of generals from Taiwan and China that the Taiwanese and Chinese armed forces were “the All-China Armed Forces.”
He was also among retired generals, including Wu Sz-huai (吳斯懷), a Chinese National Party (KMT) lawmaker who visited China in November 2016 to attend a memorial service for Sun Yat-sen (孫逸仙) hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping. (習近平).
The generals stand up as the Chinese national anthem begins to sound, a video that has angered many in Taiwan.
Hia, an 82-year-old former Air Force pilot, served as president of the National Defense University and president of the DPRK’s Air Force Academy before retiring from military service in 2003 after 40 years of service.

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