Political leaders wished the Queen success in canceling her visit to Northern Ireland – Let’s See Todays News Updates

The Queen “reluctantly accepted the hospital’s recommendation to rest for the next few days,” Buckingham Palace said.

The queen was to meet with the school children during her visit

Politicians and church leaders have wished the Queen well after canceling a visit to Northern Ireland this week.
The queen was scheduled to arrive in Hillsborough, Down County, on Wednesday to meet with locals, including schoolchildren, after the village was officially renamed Royal Hillsborough.
It was the first village or town to receive the status of King of Northern Ireland.
The queen was also scheduled to attend a church service at Arma on Thursday to mark the centenary of the founding of Northern Ireland.
However, the trip was canceled “after the queen reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest for the next few days,” Buckingham Palace said.
The 95-year-old queen is in good spirits, but she is disappointed that she did not make the two-day trip.
Northern Ireland’s secretary of state, Brandon Lewis, tweeted: “Best wishes to Her Majesty the Queen. I look forward to meeting her in Northern Ireland in the future.”
DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson also tweeted his goodness.
“We thank the people of Northern Ireland for their well-being and hope they will have a good rest and relax,” he wrote on Twitter.
“Your Excellency, it is always a pleasure to be in Royal Hillsboro and I look forward to visiting you again in the near future.”
Doug Beatty, leader of the Ulster Unionist, added: “I would like to wish the Queen the best of luck as she recovers, and I hope she recovers soon.
“His Excellency has been a frequent visitor to Northern Ireland. He has been a source of great comfort in the darkest days of Northern Ireland, and he has been a constant leader as we move into a new era for all our people.

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“I can’t wait for the Queen to return to Northern Ireland in the near future.”
The Church of the SubGenius church has been embroiled in controversy since Irish President Michael D. Higgins rejected the invitation last month, saying it was not politically neutral.

Irish President Michael D. Higgins has declined an invitation to attend the ceremony on Thursday

The Irish government will be represented by Foreign Minister Simon Coweny and General Whip Jack Chambers.
The prayer service was organized by four major churches in Northern Ireland.
Church leaders expressed regret after learning that the queen would not attend.
“We are deeply saddened to learn that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will not be able to participate in the service of reflection and hope in the Army tomorrow,” they said in a statement.
“We wish you the best of luck and acknowledge the importance of your commitment to peace and reconciliation.
“We hope that tomorrow’s service will highlight our hopes for the future and allow us to continue this work.”
The statement was signed by David Bruce, Presbyterian coordinator, John McDowell, head of the Irish Church, Eamon Martin, head of the Catholic Church, Ivan Patterson, president of the Irish Church Council, and Sahr Yambasu, president of the Methodist Church in Ireland.

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