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If you are an fanatic of the “moon” and “K-pop,” those following songs of SHINee, BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet, and greater are best for a selenophile like you! You also can pay attention to it at the same time as appreciating the splendor of the moon!

In the K-pop scene, there are genuinely numerous songs with the word “moon” of their title. In this text then, we’ve got curated songs that completely communicate approximately the moon or makes use of the “moon” as a metaphor to outline an enjoy with this herbal satellite tv for pc of the earth.

Here Are Top K-pop Songs About the Moon :

  1. SHINee “Selene 6.23”
    From its title, “Selene 6.23,” the tune essentially depicts the moon. “Selene” got here from the Greek call of the goddess of the moon, at the same time as “6.23” approach June 23, 2013, in which the most important and closest supermoon of the 12 months happened.

Written through SHINee Jonghyun, the poet-artist cautiously selected and wrote the lyrics at the same time as searching on the moon. The lyrics inform the tale of a one-sided love that despite the fact that the earth and moon appearance closer, the latter is genuinely a long way away.

If you’re searching out any other SHINee tune, Jonghyun’s “Moon” is likewise a must-pay attention!

  1. BTS Jin “Moon”
    Showcasing his candy and cute voice, BTS Jin used metaphorical lyrics which narrated a widespread message to ARMYs (BTS fandom).

Just just like the moon that orbits the earth, Jin as compared himself to the moon, at the same time as the fandom to the earth. He conveyed that with the affection he’s getting from the fans, he became capable of preserve what he loves.

  1. NCT 127 “Sun & Moon”
    “Sun & Moon” is a tune with an electronica genre, dreamy synth sound, and vocal concord which reveals the connection of the solar and the moon. Although they cannot be in a single area and time, the tune ambitions to bring the message that “our hearts are nevertheless connected, below the equal sky.”
  2. Red Velvet “Moonlight Melody”
    “Moonlight Melody” is an acoustic ballad tune of Red Velvet that stimulates sensitivity with a sensitive piano melody that appears to specific the night time sky. The lyrics vividly describe an unforgettable come across with the sound of the moonlight, just like the sound of the heart.
  3. EXO “Moonlight”
    EXO’s “Moonlight” portrays dreamy, emotional, and magical lyrics, that’s brought flawlessly through Baekhyun and D.O. When you pay attention to the tune at first, it captured the message of the proponent falling in love with a person so as to in no way be him. But in a deeper sense, the tune talks approximately “self-love,” stimulated through the Greek mythology tale of Echo’s aspect to Narcissus.
  4. ONF “Fly Me to the Moon”
    “Fly Me To The Moon” makes use of the idea of the moon to figuratively examine the opponent to the “moon.” The lyrics narrate that, much like the moon with sides (the aspect seen to the earth and the a long way aspect of the moon), the proponent desires to recognize the opposite aspect of the opponent as well – this is but to be unveiled.
  5. TWICE “After Moon”
    Twice is understood for his or her shiny and sparkling tune, but “After Moon” is one in all their tracks that showcased their ballad sensibility. In particular, the lyrics of the tune are heat and comforting, which expresses the message of being “through your aspect” usually, much like the moon who is usually orbiting across the earth. Although the moon is simplest seen at night time, its presence continues to be there, even throughout the day.
  6. GOT7 “Moon U”
    Lastly, “Moon U” is the primary music for GOT7’s 7th mini-album “7 for 7.” When you pay attention to the music, it showcases city hip-hop beats with guitar riffs which you could effortlessly jam with below the moonlight.

Unlike the aforementioned songs, “Moon U” lyrics will provide you with mild feelings, which makes use of the moon as a metaphor to explain the person who they like. The lyrics could make you feel “butterflies on your tummy,” now no longer to say the cute voices of the members.

Also, the music is written and composed through Youngjae with BamBam –making it greater special.

Do you recognize greater songs approximately the moon which you need to add? Comment below!

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