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IGBO socio-political organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Alaigbo Development Foundation, ADF and former Ohanaeze leader Nnia Nvodo have shifted the weight of the political solution that funded the federal government to fight separatism in the country.
But the leader, Nnamdi Kanu, wants to improve his position on the IPOB local community government’s political solution to the betrayal of his fight for Biafra.
Under the auspices of Ilana Omo Oodua, Yoruba propagandists need to make a similar deal with the banned force.
As a reminder, the Federal Attorney General and Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami on Wednesday confirmed that the federal government will reach a political solution to the case of separatist leaders in some parts of the country. country.
The federal government has arrested Nnam Kanu, a Biafra native who has been charged with seven counts of felony criminal mischief and terrorism, and extradited Igboho from present-day Benin on Sunday. Immigration trials and reprimands in the home country
Malami told some reporters in Abuja: The federal government will not use other means to resolve the case.
“The country’s security situation, governance, and all the political solutions for this administration cannot be improved,” he said. Because it has a criminal nature. You can’t make it possible for a government government to take action at work, ”the AGF said.
We were very impressed with devt-Ohanaeze
In response to the development, Ohanaez said he was impressed by the political decision to address the agitators’ problem.
A spokesman for the organization, Alex Ogbonnia, said in a statement: Igboho.
“George Obiozor, President, Ambassador and Professor of the World Ohanaze Ndigbo, has repeatedly advised the federation to learn from history by not looking for insurmountable preparations against nationalism, but by looking for possible peace options that are the only solution to ensure national unity. coexist peacefully.
“In a multi-ethnic society like Niger, there must be discrimination, riots and inter-ethnic conflict,” he said. In order to resolve such issues, it is very appropriate to open and use dialogue and other conflict resolution mechanisms.
“Animal’s enthusiasm for the choice of a state solution to Nigeria’s security challenges reflects Ohanaese Ndigbo’s view that the Igbo nation is not at war with Nigeria and that nothing is expected of Nigerian security officials. It is fair. It is hoped that a state solution will help protect the survival rights of Nigerian corporations.
“While applauding Malami’s expected courage, insight and reflection, Ohanaeze Ndigbo said that addressing the country’s security challenges would improve the history of President Muhammadu Bukhari.”
In response, the Alaigbo Development Foundation, the Igbo Elite Group of the ADF, said it would respond and improve the idea of ​​a political solution proposed by the federal government.
“The ADF will decide on Kanu’s political solution,” he said. We have always believed that the Kanu trial is a political trial.
“Kanugia must be released unconditionally,” said Ab Onike, an ADF spokesman.
FG must discuss or discuss political issues
In response to the AGF’s statement yesterday, the IPOB said the federal government should improve the facility.
Until IPOB’s information and publicity secretary, Emma Powerful, and the government comes out on issues of dialogue and political resolution, the IPOB management has been working on a livestock-related media issue on the Mazi Kanu issue.
control: “The IPOB management told me to respond to Abubakar Malami and come to the Nigerian federal government for talks or a political decision.”

He said the IPOB had not changed the peaceful approach to Biafra’s reconstruction and warned those who continue to use the name every Monday to stop sitting at their long-suspended home or to refuse access to the group.
He further instructed Biafra community leaders, peripheral leaders, church leaders and other organizations to arrest any person sitting at home on Monday and hand them over to the IPOB, or to report such a person or group.


“We would like to reiterate that the Biafra Indigenous World Movement, led by our prophet and liberator Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has canceled its sit-in at home on Monday, the IPOB.
“No one or group implementing the revoked order is an IPOB or an IPOB volunteer group. I urge the people to ignore someone who is pushing them to sit at home on a non-existent Monday and go about their business, because such people aim to work for our enemies, slow down the IPOB, and start a movement against the people.
“Anyone who is caught adding to the suffering of his people in the name of announcing a sit-in at home on Monday will be treated as an enemy,” he said.
“So we are using the IPOB name to warn these representatives from the dark to stop sitting in the house, because if we catch them, they will forever regret their evil deeds,” said Emma Powerful.
Akintoye’s group lists the conditions for “dialogue.”
In response yesterday, Ilana Omo Oodua, a Yoruba paramilitary organization of the Yoruba self-identification group, said Sunday Adeyemo, a Yoruba militant and Sunday Igboho, had not committed any crime calling for secession from Nigeria.
A group led by 86-year-old history professor Banji Aquinte said the regime of Major General Muhammadu Bukhari must first ensure Igboho’s release from prison in neighboring Benin. “Political Solutions.”
Adele said the AGF needs to clarify what a “political solution” means.
“We have read what the AGF has said to not deny a political solution, but we need to clarify what it is saying. Does Igboho and other Yoruba propagandists want us to ask or approach the Nigerian government when they have not committed any crime?”
“Our position is that Malami should clarify itself,” he said. However, Igboho did not commit any crime and the Nigerian government did not prosecute Igboho in court.
“We are focusing on our campaign,” he said. However, if the Nigerian government allows us to negotiate how to achieve our goals peacefully, we are open to that. The release of Igboho is also part of the deal. If we want to have this discussion, Igboho must sit in the negotiating table. “
Nvodo told FG to start negotiations with IPOB now
Meanwhile, Ohanaese Ndigbo, former president of the Apex Igbo socio-cultural organization, and Nnia Nvodo, head of the federation, called on the federal government to immediately start talks with the Biafra indigenous people, the IPOB, and resolve their legal issues peacefully. revenge. “
Speaking at a lecture ahead of the 27/28 Uturu meeting at Abia State University yesterday, Nvodo said the IPOB was hastily declared a terrorist organization.
The lecture, “Nigeria’s Political and Economic Future: The Danger We Can Avoid,” was moderated by Senator Emma Nwaka, former Senate President, and Senator Adolfus Wabara. ABSU Vice-Rector, Professor Onyemachi Ogbolu; and Chibuzor Ogbuagu; among other people involved.
“The announcement of the IPOB as a terrorist organization is, in my opinion, hasty, unfair and illegal,” he said.
The former Ohanaeze leader said it was wrong to place the IPOB and Boko Haram on the same site as the terrorist group, and that such an assessment was unfair.
Nvodo went on to say that the emergence of self-determination groups in Nigeria was a reflection of mistrust and distrust of Nigerian leadership.
“Recently, self-identification groups have emerged in Niger,” he said. The growing number of these groups reflects the frustration and dissatisfaction of our youth with the economic and political situation in our country.
“Of all these groups, IPOB and Boko Haram have been identified by the federal government as terrorist organizations. This development related to IPOB is unfortunate.
“Boko Haram is an armed group that has invaded and occupied Nigeria, raised its flag and appointed local authorities,” he said.
“It has adopted and raped Nigerian women, abducted and imprisoned many school children, and killed more than 200,000 people. It is involved in a guerrilla war against Nigeria, but the federal government is still negotiating with them.

“None of the Boko Haram captives have been tried,” he said. Members of the federal government have accused the previous government of brutally killing Boko Haram members and the retired army chief of staff for cracking down on anti-terrorism campaigns.
“Religious members who confessed to changing their views were received, acquitted, and even enlisted in our armed forces, along with their abducted female associates in the presidency,” she said.
“I strongly disagree with some of the IPOB’s methods, including the inappropriate and fragmented nature of the IPOB, and the indisputable evidence presented to the Federal Attorney’s Office at the trial stating that the IPOB attempted and / or actually stole a gun from law enforcement. would be a crime.
In 2017, the US Embassy in Nigeria was pleased to announce that the US Government would not recognize the IPOB as a terrorist organization.
“The IPOB, which is being insulted by the Nigerian government, has killed its members in Asaba, Nkpor, Aba and Port Harcourt simply for holding public demonstrations without a federal investigation by the federal government.
“I called one during Ohanaze Ndigbo’s presidency, and after Amnesty International provided evidence that 150 of them had been killed, an investigation was launched into a case involving then-Chief of Staff and retired Army officers,” he said. By doing so, you are violating the rule of natural justice that you cannot be a judge in your own court! “
According to Nvodo, Ndigbo called the federal government’s approach to IPOB “unfair, discriminatory and exaggerated.”
“They see these steps as an attempt to show Igbo’s image in the international security arena. We know of other Nigerian self-identifying groups that have taken up arms and destroyed government and private facilities.”
“Fulani herders, known as Fulani warriors, have destroyed farms in the Middle East, southwest and southeastern Nigeria, killing several farmers. In January 2016, they killed 500 farmers and their families in Agatu, Benue State. In April 2016, they killed more than 100 farmers in Ukpabi Nimbo, Enugu province.
“In Benue, they attacked a Catholic church and killed two priests and a choir member. Pictures of their choir members dancing in uniform dominated social media at the time without arrest.
“Photographs of them with automatic rifles have been circulated in the media on our farms and in rural areas, but none of them have been prosecuted or Python danced in places where they have been destroyed or killed,” the federal government said. considered to be
“Although it is classified as the world’s fourth deadliest terrorist group by the Global Terrorism Index.”
Nvodo called on the federal government to stop using sledges for IPOB members while keeping real terrorists at bay.
“Today, Muslims in the north are on a military-police tour to negotiate with the bandits, but on Sunday, self-identifying groups led by Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu are being attacked and led by the same soldiers.”
The former aviation minister said the IPOB issue and the way to resolve the growing unrest for self-government remained a negotiation, not a military option.
“It is a provocation not to use shameless punishment in resolving the problems of the Southeast region. I propose a more diplomatic and humanitarian approach. This current approach makes it impossible for the leaders of the Southeast region to effectively suppress the anger of their youth.”

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